Cosmetology Course Outline

Description of Course

Cosmetology is defined as the science of beautifying and improving the hair, skin, and nails.  The course of study includes cutting and styling, hair coloring, aesthetics, manicuring and pedicuring, permanent waving, scalp and hair treatments, and other related subjects.  Course length is 1500 hours and can be completed in as little as eleven months.

Course Goals
Our primary objective is to prepare students for the state licensing examination to become a gainfully employed licensed Cosmetologist.

Cosmetology Curriculum
Hygiene and Sanitation:        80 Hours
     •Infection Control: Principles and Practices

Related Science:        120 hours
     •General Anatomy & Physiology, Skin Structure and Growth, Skin Disorders and Diseases, Nail Structure and Growth, Nail Disorders and Diseases, Properties of the Hair and Scalp, Chemistry, and Electricity.

Hairdressing:            1000 hours
     •Scalp Care, Shampooing and Conditioning, Haircutting, Hair Coloring and Lightening, Wet Hairstyling, Thermal Styling, Braiding, Extensions, Wigs/Hair Additions and Chemical Texture Services.

Manicuring:            100 hours
     •Manicuring and Pedicuring

Aesthetics:            100 hours
     •Skin Care, Facial Treatment and Massage, Cosmetics, the Art of Makeup and temporary hair removal

Salesmanship and Shop Management:    50 hours
     •Instruction on how to keep records, knowledge of business law, cosmetology law, rules and regulations, booking appointments, retailing, etc.

Shop Deportment:        50 hours
     •Courtesy, neatness and professional attitude in meeting the public

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