Instructor Training

Instructor Course Outline

Description of Course
Instructor training is defined as the study and practice in the skill of basic teaching, educational judgment, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the state board examination, as well as for competency in entry level employment as an Instructor or related position.  Course length is 600 hours and can be completed in as little as five months.

Course Goals
Our primary objective is to prepare students for the state licensing examination to become a gainfully employed licensed Instructor.

Instructor Curriculum
Required preparatory training:        50 hours
      •Teaching of theory and practical operation, selecting subject matter for class lecture, preparing class lectures, conducting a review of all subjects taught, preparing and grading examinations, demonstrating practical operations and teaching practical operations

Class Attendance:            100 hours
      •Classes will be conducted by a licensed Instructor to prepare teacher trainee to properly lecture and demonstrate on all subjects of Cosmetology

Conducting Theory Classes:        50 hours
      •Conducting Theory classes under the supervision of a licensed Instructor

Conductng Practical Classes:        300 hours
     •Conducting practical classes in Cosmetology, Aesthetics or Nail Technology

Method of Keeping Student Records:    10 hours

Instructor’s Discretion:            90 hours
     •Training on subjects in which the individual Student Instructor may be deficient or in the practice of Cosmetology

A licensed Instructor will supervise all classes conducted by a Student Instructor.

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