Nail Technician

Nail Technology Course Outline

Description of Course

Nail Technology is defined as the study and practice in the care and beautification of the nails, hands, feet and arms.  Course length is 600 hours and can be completed in as little as five months.

Course Goals
Our primary objective is to prepare students for the state licensing examination to become a gainfully employed licensed Nail Technician.

Nail Technology Curriculum
Health Sanitation and Infection Control:        75 Hours
     •Preparing implements, table and patron in a manner which the Nail Technician can perform in the safest, most sanitary method possible. Learning the various types of bacteria and the results of each

Manicuring and Pedicuring:            200 Hours
     •The art of trimming, filing, buffing, and shaping the nails, removing and applying polish, loosening and trimming cuticles, hand and arm massage, proper use, care, and application of the artificial nails.  Procedures for all types of manicures and pedicures

Career Development:                50 Hours
     •Review of cosmetology law, rules, and regulations, requirements for a manicure salon, telephone and appointment book usage, ethical and safe conduct, proper and effective selling techniques, compensation and payroll deductions, etc.

Related Science:                75 Hours
     •The study of bacteriology, anatomy, and physiology as related to a Nail Technician’s training.  The study of the structure of a nail, how it grows, as well as how to treat disorders of the nails.  How to care for the skin of the hands and feet.  Basic knowledge of the chemistry related to Nail Technicians

Advanced Nail Technology:            200 Hours
     •The art and techniques used to extend nails, correct misshapen or broken nails and to strengthen natural nails.  Instruction on correct product choice, use, and safety procedures
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