StyleNet reserves the right to change or modify the TOS at any time without notice by posting the new agreement or policies. These modifications will become effective immediately. Your continued use of the site and or services indicates your agreement with our terms; therefore, it is your responsibility to review the TOS regularly.


Subscribers or any network users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of StyleNet’s network or any and all components provided by its services. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. StyleNet will investigate occurrences which may involve such violations and may involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the prosecution of those who are involved in such violations. These violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessing data not intended for such subscriber or logging into any account, which such subscriber is not authorized to access. Attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the system, network or services or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization.
  • Attempting to interfere with service to any subscriber and its provider.
  • Obtaining services to which subscriber is not entitled.


Subscribers of StyleNet’s services are prohibited from storing or posting content or links to content that infringe, or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of third parties (e.g. trademark, patent or copyright infringements).

All content provided within or via this site is protected by US and international copyright laws, patent laws, trademark regulations and laws, and various intellectual property laws and international treaties and agreements. No intellectual property of any nature contained within or via this Site may be copied, published, reverse engineered, decompiled, exchanged, traded, or broadcast in any way without the written permission of the content owner.


Establishment of this service is dependent upon receipt of payment of stated charges by StyleNet. Subsequent payments are due on the anniversary date of the month for that month’s service or whichever is the selected billing cycle.

If subscriber has registered for a trial of the StyleNet services (“Trial Period”), subscriber will have the entire Trial Period within which to purchase the services offered by StyleNet. If client has not purchased the Service by the end of the Trial Period, all of the Client’s Content will remain intact for 90 days, in which then it will be removed from system All Trial Period accounts which have expired will contain text at the top of every page informing visitors that the trail of StyleNet services has expired. StyleNet is not responsible for any damages to Client’s content or business in the event Client decides not to purchase the services and StyleNet deletes the Client’s Content after the Trial Period exceeds 90 days of expiration.


StyleNet may temporarily deny or terminate service upon the failure of the subscriber to pay the charges when due. Such termination or denial will not relieve the subscriber of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges and any collection fees.

Domain names either purchased by StyleNet or transferred to StyleNet’s reseller account may not be transferred or pointed away from StyleNet’s services until account balance has been paid in full. All domains in such situation will be directed to StyleNet’s domain name.

Accounts that have a negative balance for more than 90 days will be turned over to collections. Subscriber is responsible for any incurred collection fees.


A subscriber may cancel a StyleNet account at any time by contacting a StyleNet representative. If requesting a cancellation, we ask that subscriber briefly explains the reasons for doing so, as well as any suggestions on how StyleNet could improve service.

The cancellation will take effect immediately. All domains within StyleNet’s reseller account will be unlocked and authorization code will be transferred to client. Client at time of cancellation is responsible for transferring domain name and any fees involved by accepting registrar. See section III B. for domain name transfer requirements. Account resumption is possible by contacting a StyleNet representative.


Email accounts are provided to clients. Any additional email accounts then what is provided upon sign-up can be requested by speaking with a member of our support staff. Please note additional fees will apply.

Please know that though StyleNet provides email services, StyleNet does not run the servers. StyleNet uses a third party for all email related services and cannot be held responsible for any email related issues, such as delays in receiving email, or spam issues.


Subscribers of StyleNet services are prohibited from uploading, linking, or displaying adult content through the subscribed service. All material of pornographic nature is considered adult content.


A. Ordering and Planning Process

Immediately after the completion of the ordering process, full payment of the setup fee is required before the concierge team begins project. The customer is responsible for providing domain name transfer information if an existing domain name is being used, or the domain name of choice for a new registration, the text, logos and requirements for the basic look and feel of the website within 30 days after signup. Failure to provide all required information within the specified timeframes will result in a live site with content is available and preformatted by StyleNet.

Concierge Package comes with a certain number of total revisions. As soon as StyleNet provides a design and project update, the client must respond within 3 business days with all necessary feedback and corrections. If the customer does not respond within the specified timeframe it will be assumed that the suggested design and changes were accepted and approved.

All monthly updates and revisions to website must be received within the first 15 days of each month. Failure to provide revisions in the allotted time frame will result in the revisions being withheld until the first 15 days of the following month.