Come immerse yourself in the relaxation you truly deserve. Our massage experts specialize in the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage therapy available. Book your massage appointment at Avia Salon & Day Spa for a stress-relieving visit.
*All Massage services are also available for Couples.

Swedish Massage       
Based on classic European massage
technique, this full body massage helps
soothe and relax tired muscles. Also
stimulates circulation, creating a feeling
of well-being and relaxation.
Series of 6 - $275/$425/$550
  (30 min) $55
(60 min) $85
(90 min) $110

Deep Tissue Sports Massage    
This massage is recommended for
muscle fatigue and tension. Our highly
skilled therapists use a variety of deep
compressions and strokes for specific
muscles to alleviate discomfort in those
areas. Excellent for chronic pain.
Series of 6 - $325/$525/$650
  (30 min) $65
(60 min) $105
(90 min) $130
Aromatherapy Massage    
The ultimate anti-stress massage. Our
Aromatherapy massage utilizes pure
aromatic essential oils drawn from
flowers, plants, and herbs to induce
relaxation of the nervous system and
beautify the skin. This light rhythmic
massage will ease tired, tense muscles,
and calm your mind.
Series of 6 - $300/$450/$575
  (30 min) $60
(60 min) $90
(90 min) $115
Ultimate Back & Neck Massage       
This Swedish Massage technique, when
concentrated on the back, neck, and
shoulders quickly relieves tension and
improves circulation.
Series of 6 - $425
  (45 min) $85+
Prenatal Massage    
Most pregnant women feel discomfort
and added stress on their bodies at
various times during their pregnancy.
This massage focuses on the special
needs of the mother-to-be as her body
goes through the dramatic changes
brought on by the childbearing
experience. Recommended for women
that have completed their 1st trimester.
Series of 6 - $325/$525/$650
  (30 min) $65
(60 min) $105
(90 min) $130
Warm Stone Massage    
Smooth stones are heated and placed
on the body to warm and loosen up the
muscles while you are being massaged
with heated stones. This is massage is
very relaxing.
Series of 6 - $750
  (90 min) $150
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