European Facial   (60 min) $75
Designed for the ultimate relaxation.
Includes deep pore cleansing with
soothing steam, massage, exfoliation,
masque, toner and moisturizer.
Aromatherapy Facial   (60 min) $80
A European Facial designed to relax as
well as entice the senses with essential
Age Defying Facial   (60 min) $90
Designed to renew and nourish mature
or dry skin with special attention to the
neck and eye areas. Tightens, tones and
Mini Facial      (30 min) $55
Escape for a quick rejuvenating
experience. Designed to keep your skin
in top condition between facials. This
treatment will help your skin look it’s
best before any engagement.
Back Facial   (45 min) $55
A wonderful treatment for men and
women. Includes warm cleansing steam,
exfoliation, light massage and a calming
Gentleman's Facial   (60 min) $75
Experience skin care for men. Includes
deep pore cleansing, massage, masque
and moisturizer.
Microdermabrasion   (60 min) $125
Our most popular treatment! With each
session you will see a reduction in fine
lines, sun damage, scars and acne.
With the Microdermabrasion treatment
there is no down time for recovery or
discomfort associated with chemical
peels. You simply look and feel better.
Thermofoliant Facial      (60 min) $110

This unique treatment smooths the skin and accelerates cell renewal.
Helps balance uneven skin pigmentation. Helps smooth fine lines
and correct skin discoloration /blemishes..

Age Smart Facial   $110
The ultimate in Skin Therapy for pre-
maturely aging or devitalized skin. Give
your skin a revitalizing power boost
with our AGE smart treatment designed
to nourish, regenerate and energize
your skin.
Bioactive Peel   (60 min) $158
This skin resurfacing system helps to
reduce acne, pigmentation, and signs
of premature aging to reveal smoother,
brighter, and softer skin. Your skin will
look and feel healthier than ever before
without the associated risks or down
time of chemical peels.
Medibac Facial   (60 min) $90
This facial helps to treat, clear and
prevent acne. Helps to regulate the
sebaceous glands, promote exfoliation,
kill bacteria and soothe inflammation.
Chroma-White Skin Care Treatment   (60 min) $110
Color correction treatment for hyper-
pigmentation. Helps smooth fine lines
and correct skin discoloration and
blemishes...Recommended in a series.
  Series of 5-$550


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