Product Lines

You can buy beauty products from many sources in the Palm Desert, CA area but many are guaranteed only when bought from a licensed professional. The staff at Sherry Mesa The Salon has been expertly trained to help you select the best products for your lifestyle. Thank you for supporting us by purchasing professional products only from Sherry Mesa The Salon.



Alterna Professional Haircare creates groundbreaking formulas that set the industry standard for the... (read more)

Italy Hair Fashions

In 1989, IT&LY Hairfashion N.A., Inc. began its mission to create a company that would... (read more)


From casual street fashions and magazines to diverse cultures and architecture, Scruples' expert... (read more)

White Sands

White Sands products use cutting-edge science with natural botanicals that make each formula dynamic... (read more)

Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions is a state of the art product that will provide... (read more)