Bumble & Bumble

Bumble and bumble is a haven for like-minded talent, established by
entrepreneurial stylist Michael Gordon in a salon on the fringe of
New York's Hairdressers Row in 1977 where we clipped, combed, permed
and styled our way into prominence with shrewd PR, a legendary editorial
team, backstage access, a design ethic, a line of extraordinary products (as
essential as scissors and comb), a devoted salon network, a school, a second
salon, a reputation as a force for the recognition, evolution and elevation of
hairdressing - to this day rejecting hair shows, revering hair heroes,
cultivating creativity, fostering disciplined rebellion, refining our 'eye,' and
and above all remaining deeply, passionately and fearlessly dedicated to
the craft of hairdressing.
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    "Two floors of beauty and grooming"
    Salon Blue Lakeview | 2915 N. Sheffield Chicago 60657, USA | 773-525-2583

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