Employee Education 2014

Salon Blue is completely committed to providing solid futures for their staff. 
Regular meetings with the team at Salon Blue allow for their artistic skills and talents to further develop.  Katrina and MK have created a true atelier of learning.


February 5th:  Redken Chromatics Color Class (all Salon Blue Stylists) 

February 13th: Bb. Art of Retail 3 with Lesley Johnson (all Salon Blue Staff)

February 25th: KM retail class (all Salon Blue Staff)

February 18thMediBacTheory & Practical (Trish – stylist/skin therapist)

 February 25th: Crazy for a Clear Start & Skin: Know It Before You Treat It: 
(Trish – stylist/skin therapist)  

March 3rdDermalogica Live Retail (Trish – stylist/skin therapist)  

March 4thDermalogica Live Professional (Trish – stylist/skin therapist)  

March 5thGreat Skin with Skin Mapping Theory & Practical
 (Trish – stylist/skin therapist)  

March 6th: The Dermalogica Skin Treatment (Trish – stylist/skin therapist)  

April 1stTouch Therapy - Age Reversal Face (Trish – stylist/skin therapist) 

April 2ndAge Smart Theory & Practical (Trish – stylist/skin therapist) 

April 16thDermalogica Exfoliation Theory & Practical (Trish – stylist/skin therapist) 

May 1st: Yolanda Trejo (stylist/barberer/skin therapist) graduates from Barber School

May 13th: 
Retail Made Easy (Trish – stylist/skin therapist) 

June 25th: Bb Razor 101with Lesley Johnson (all Salon Blue Stylists)  



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