Pamper those fingers and toes with a nail service from Indigo Salon Spa & Boutique, Canton’s best nail salon. Our Nail technicians proudly offer a wide array of nail services and upgrades, from manicures and pedicures, to shellac and polish changes. Get glamorous nails today, schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving you.


Each Indigo manicure will be enhanced with a warm neck wrap and your chosen mood altering scent to fit
your needs. Whether you're stressed and need to go to your "escape" place, or want to energize and uplift
your soul, we have the right manicure for you.

All of our manicures include filing, a customized cuticle make over treatment, and perfect polish.

Luxurious Manicure: Indulge in our hot oil cuticle soak before your sugar exfoliation treatment where
your hands will be wrapped in steamed towels. Enjoy a customized, captivating hand and arm massage
with our signature moisturizers. Followed by a hot paraffin wax dip that will relax and rejuvenate your dry
and tired hands, leaving you begging for more.

Spa Manicure: Soak in our hot oil cuticle treatment, followed by our sugar exfoliation scrub that will
leave your arms and hands ready for our illuminating masque, used to invigorate your skin while wrapped
in steamed towels. Our customized hand and arm massage will seal in the moisture, leaving you polished
to perfection!
Nail Services    Level 1    Level 2    Level 3    Level 4
Luxurious Manicure   $37   $39   $41   $45
Spa Manicure   $32   $34   $36   $40
Classic Manicure   $27   $29   $31   $35
*Shellac Manicure   $42   $44   $46   $50
*Shellac Polish Removal   $21   $21   $21   $25
Junior Manicure (10 & under)   $16   $16   $16   $16
French Polish Add-On   $5   $5   $5   $5
Nail Art Add-On   $5   $5   $5   $5
Enzyme Mask Add-On   $10   $10   $10   $10
Paraffin Add-On   $5   $5   $5   $5
*Shellac Polish, Shellac, or Acrylic services please notify upon reservation if you already have gel or acrylics on your nails so we can best accommodate your removal time prior to application.

As you enter our semi private pedicure suite, equipped with chroma therapy foot baths, your stress,
worries, and cares are left at the door. All of our relaxing pedicures include a warm neck wrap, meticulous
filing and cuticle treatment, exfoliation, massage and perfect polish.

Spa Pedicure: This ultimate relaxation pedicure experience offers you a peaceful space for rejuvenating
your feet while on the path to rest and relaxation. After your enhanced exfoliation treatment you will
indulge in our sea scape mint masque wrapped in hot towels, then relax with our customized, captivating
leg and foot massage using our signature blend moisturizers. Ending with a hot paraffin wax dip that will
relax and rejuvenate your dry and tired feet! A pedicure experience you’ll never forget.

Classic Pedicure: Relax as the invigorating scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, preparing your skin for our
customized captivating leg and foot massage done with our signature moisturizing creams. This will leave
your legs and feet more smooth and luxurious than they've ever been before.
For Feet Sake   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
Spa Pedicure   $67   $70   $73
Classic Pedicure   $52   $55   $58
Express Pedicure   $37   $40   $43
Gentleman's Pedicure   $57   $60   $63
Shellac Add-On   $16   $16   $16
Junior Pedicure (for 10 and under)   $26   $26   $26
Tier level pricing is based upon a service providers level of annual continued education, experience, and exemplary work performance.