Anti-Aging Treatments

Turn back the clock with a revitalizing, anti-aging skincare treatment here at Indigo Salon Spa & Boutique, Canton’s best skincare treatment salon. Ranging from chemical peels to skin resurfacing and everything in-between, our skincare specialists deliver amazing results. Experience youthful, glowing skin by scheduling your appointment today.


Skin Resurfacing
A micro exfoliation that enhances cell renewal which creates healthy and balanced skin, while improving
or eliminating the appearance of fine lines and aging.
Skin Resurfacing    Level 1    Level 2    Level 3  Level 4
60 minute with Facial   $117   $122   $127 $134
30 minute without Facial   $61   $66   $71 $78
Chemical Peel (30 min.)   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3  Level 4
Enhance and smooth texture of skin, an effective treatment for blemishes,
wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and dryness.
  $62   $67   $72 $79
ION Active Facial   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3 Level 4
Achieve your best looking skin ever! Our Ion Active Power Treatment delivers
personalized, bio charged therapy for more visible and rapid results.
  $90   $95   $100 $107
*4-8 visits recommended to obtain maximum results for all anti-aging treatments.
Tier level pricing is based upon a service providers level of annual continued education, experience, and exemplary work performance.