Ethos To Go

We’ll come to you for on-site styling and makeup.


Hair Services       
Bang Trim   From $10
Hair Cut   From $26
Roller Set   From $30
Special Occasion   From $65


Hair Treatments       
Redken Chemistry Treatment   From $20
Pre-Art Clarifying Treatment   From $20
Steam Infusion Conditioning Treatment   From $20
Heat Cure Treatment   From $25


Hair Extensions       
Volume Service (up to 50 strands)   $94
Lengthening Service (up to 100 strands)   $189
Length & Volume Service (up to 150 strands)   $269
Additional Strands (per 25 strands)   $39
*Prices listed do not include cost of hair (starts at $34
per 25 strands). Pre-service, non-refundable consultation
($49) is required prior to any extension service; fee is
applied toward purchase of hair.


Color Services       
Hair Color   From $48
Color Correction (per hour)   From $72
Highlights   From $72
Highlights with Color   From $92
Partial Highlights   From $57
   Fringe or partial crown highlights.    


Texture Services       
Brazilian Blow-Out    
   Proprietary polymer system creates a protective protein layer
around the hair shaft, smoothing the cuticle and preventing
frizz, lasting up to four months.
Short   From $74
Medium   From $99
Long   From $149
Split End Corrector   From $35
   Treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together,  
instantly mending split ends, lasting up to six weeks.
Permanent Wave   From $70
Custom Texture Service   From $75
   Customized design texture.    


Custom Color Services       
Ombré   From $92
   Technique results in soft, gradual, high-contrast transition,
usually from a darker root to lighter ends.
Sombré   From $92
   Similar to ombré, but with a more subtle transition from
tone to tone –not so much of a contrast
Blur   From $92
   A multi-dimensional effect which plays up the luminous
qualities of color-to-color transition.
Balayage   From $92
   From the French word meaning “sweep,” balayage refers
to free-hand painting of highlights on hair.
Babylights   From $92
   Tiny highlights that mimic your childhood hair color when
it was lightened up by the sun.
Redken City Beats Semi-Permanent   From $92
   From brightest fuchsia to chartreuse, palest pink to
rose-gold, these semi-permanent colors are fun and flexible.