*prices vary depending on stylists education.
Haircut prices include a shampoo and conditioner
customized to individual hair type, with a blow dry
and style to compliment the hairstyle.
*Prices vary depending on the stylist education
as well as the length, texture and
depth of style to the hair.
Female Haircuts    $40 & up*
With extreme precision and attention
to detail, each haircut is carefully considered by
the stylist and client to determine the overall
achieved result optimum for the clients hair and
Male Haircuts   $33 & up
Our talented stylists are dedicated to
providing our male clientele with an expert
haircut suited to their individual needs.
Childrens Haircut (9 and under)   $29 & up
Our goal is to provide an environment
in which children can enjoy the experience of
getting their hair shampooed, cut and styled so
when they return for their next cut, they are
they are excited to see us.
We are expert hairstylists with unsurpassed
knowledge in customizing the right cocktail of
professional products with the desired style for
optimum results.

*Hair styling prices vary depending on complexity,
length, and style of the hair.
Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style   $35-$45 & up*
Includes customized shampoo and
conditioner with specific blow dry enhancing
products for use with the Curling Iron, Flat Iron or
Speciality Iron.
Up Do's & Special Occasion Style   $80 & up*
Our artistic design team specializes in
Up Do’s & Styles for every special occasion. From
large Wedding Parties, Proms, Military Balls, or
just a special date we can create a style that will
surely turn heads.

*A 50% deposit is required to reserve an
appointment. Extensive questionnaires to be
completed prior to that special day to ensure we
have the right stylist/style for each client.
Braiding   $25 & up*
Whether it is braids intertwined into
our beautiful up do’s, a waterfall, fish tail or a
messy French braid, come to Rumours and let us
design a braid that specifically suits your
individual style.
Shampoo & Sets
For clients who like that weekly
  $35 & up weekly
$40 & up non weekly
pampering, we will make your
week stress free with a hairstyle that has staying
Hair color is the greatest way to enhance your
hairstyle or simply set you apart from the
crowd. Our highly trained hair color artists
can help guide you through the different
techniques and personalize your hair color
service to fit your lifestyle.
*All color service prices are subject to an
increase in price due to length, texture,
complexity and amount of color used.
Hair Color/Touch Up    $86 & up*
All hair color services include an
anti-fade shampoo and conditioner with
color locking products to help maintain the
longevity of the color. We also complete every
color service with a blow dry and style.
Full Foil Highlights   $165 & up*
Enhance your hair color and add
definition and shine with beautiful foil
Partial Foil Highlights   $120 & up*
A quick way to create dimension,
shine and variations of color throughout the
Hair Color w/Partial Foil   $175 & up*
Hair color service and foils done
simultaneously saves time and creates
beautiful results.
Hair Color w/Full Foil      $217 & up*
Hair color service and full foils
done simultaneously saves time and creates
beautiful results.
Low Lites Add On   $45 & up*
From natural looking to adding a
pop of color, add low lites for additional
dramatic effect.
Ombre' Haircolor   $175 & up*
Ombre’ is a French-termed hair
trend which features darker shades at the
roots and lighter shades on the ends.
Variations of the Ombre’ have been created
for more dramatic effect.
Corrective Color
We are color experts and
ready to get started on your
Required for
color correction. However, an
in depth salon consultation is required before
any price  can be quoted.
Foil Fantasy   $15 & up per foil
Create an intense color with one
of our many shades (purple, pink, blue, green
& more) of fantasy foils. *Lasts up to 6 weeks.
Men's Color Camouflage   $35 & up
Perfect for natural looking grey
coverage, color camouflage is a quick service
that adds depth to grey hair with natural
looking effects.