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Softap Connection

Lips   $175 & up
Eyes   $175 & up
Eyebrows   $175 & up
Color Boost   $75 & up

"I have worked in the beauty industry for many years as a platform designer in Hair Makeup & National Spokes Model, while I was behind the chair making the world beautiful with one of my well loved client's when she asked if I could make her an eyebrow as she was making plans to go to Hawaii and didn't want to go with out an eyebrow, due to the previous surgery she had.

I went on a mission to find the very best, most natural way of creating an eyebrow, what I found was Softap, she did go to Hawaii with an eyebrow.  She was my first client of now hundreds of eyebrows, liner, lips, and scars.  Now I'm an educator for Softap and love it!  A great thanks to my wonderful client and all the physicians that have endorsed my talent.  Now many can wake up to make up every day!

It is my job to make th world beautiful!"


Laura Alexander

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