• DJ Williams, Level 5 Stylist and OwnerDJ Williams - Level 5 Stylist and Owner

    The bottom line about D.J. is that he has not only earned his place in the top 1/10th of 1% of all... (read more)

  • Geet Sud, Threading Specialist / Master CosmetologistGeet Sud - Threading Specialist / Master Cosmetologist

    Geeta is our Threading Specialist.  She started with our company in May of 2004 and we are so... (read more)

  • Mitzie King, Guest Services / Sales ManagerMitzie King - Guest Services / Sales Manager

    Mitzie King started with our company in March of 2008 and not a minute too soon.  We were in... (read more)

  • Stephanie Hall, Level 4 StylistStephanie Hall - Level 4 Stylist

    Stephanie graduated from Augusta Technical Institute for Cosmetology in early 2011.  Stephanie... (read more)

  • Brittany Hammond, Level 4 Stylist/Fantasy Tan SpecialistBrittany Hammond - Level 4 Stylist/Fantasy Tan Specialist

    Brittany graduated from Lacy School of Cosmetology in December 2012.  She joined our team in... (read more)

  • Margie Dunbar, Lead Salon Assistant / Guest ServicesMargie Dunbar - Lead Salon Assistant / Guest Services

    Margie Dunbar started with our company in July of 1991, a year before we incorporated.  She... (read more)

  • Leigh Wilkes, Lead Stylist Assistant / Guest ServicesLeigh Wilkes - Lead Stylist Assistant / Guest Services

    Leigh Wilkes started with our company in September of 1999 and continues to bring her talents... (read more)

  • Sarah Allen, Level 4AAAA Stylist and OwnerSarah Allen - Level 4AAAA Stylist and Owner

    Sarah Allen started with our company in June of 2001 and is our top producer 2nd only to D.J. ... (read more)

  • Danielle Quinn, Level 4 StylistDanielle Quinn - Level 4 Stylist

    Danielle Quinn is one of our Top Producing Stylists at DJ & Co. and started with our company in... (read more)

  • Debra Hilla, Level 4 StylistDebra Hilla - Level 4 Stylist

    Certified HairDreams Specialist/Certified Great Lengths Specialist / Fantasy Tan Specialist /... (read more)

  • Stefanie Singletary, Level 4 StylistStefanie Singletary - Level 4 Stylist

    Stefanie Singletary started with our company in June of 2005. We are so very proud of her... (read more)

  • Katrina Worgull, Guest Services / Sales ManagerKatrina Worgull - Guest Services / Sales Manager

    Katrina Worgull started with our company in March of 2013.  Katrina is a Guest Services /... (read more)

  • Dayna Sanders, Associate / InternDayna Sanders - Associate / Intern

    Dayna Sanders started with our company in November of 2010.  She is working as an associate... (read more)

  • Paige Rachels, AssociatePaige Rachels - Associate

    Paige graduated from Kenneth Schuler School of Cosmetology in 2015. We brought her on board as an... (read more)

  • Bekah Spoehr, Level 2 Stylist / Makeup Artist Bekah Spoehr - Level 2 Stylist / Makeup Artist

    Bekah started with DJ and Company in 2016 when she made the cross country move from Wisconsin to... (read more)

  • Kristen Rachels, Level 2 StylistKristen Rachels - Level 2 Stylist

    Kristen Rachels started with our company in September 2014.  She brings a fun and youthful air... (read more)

  • Anslee Williams, Level 1 StylistAnslee Williams - Level 1 Stylist

    Anslee Williams, the daughter of D.J. Williams, graduated from Athens Technical College in the... (read more)