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Olaplex is a brand new product developed by chemists that adds insurance to blonding and coloring your hair. Now there is no need to fear damaging effects to your hair because Olaplex is formulated to protect the hair and make it stronger during and after your color service.


South Tampa's Blonde Color Specialist !!

Let's be honest, most girls and some of you boys out there think about 'going blonde' at some point or another. Many of you have endless horror stories of hair turning orange, hair falling out, third degree burns and even hair turning green, but fear no more!  U.b.U Color Salon blonde experts consult with each guest to achieve the preferred and most complimentary blonde tone for you and your hair.  With the right techniques and tones, anyone can go lighter.  Face shapes play a major role in color placement, whether to enhance or minimize facial structures. Taking your hair color to the next level of lightness will soften your appearance. Skin tones play a crucial role as well.  

Most of you with light complexions should have a cool blonde hair color. The cool undertones of the hair color will counteract any pink or ruddiness in your skin coloring.  Medium skin tones.., consider yourself lucky since you have the most choices from a multitude of blonde hues.  Though most blondes will look good on you, skip the platinum blondes for this will make you appear stark.  Trying a honey blonde with subtle highlights around the face will produce a natural but gorgeous effect.  Remember to invest in hair-care products that will indulge your newly colored hair.  

Protein and moisture conditioning treatment will repair and nourish right after your color service.   A shampoo and conditioner for colored hair will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.



* Take in consideration that the further you stray away from you natural hair color, it will require more of an upkeep.

* Lifting your eyebrow color a level will soften your look and compliment your haircolor.

* When going lighter with your color, consider changing the tones and shades of your make-up

* Invest in professional hair-care products that your hair will indulge.  Shampoos and conditioners for colored treated hair will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

* Integrity is very important when going lighter.  Don't be alarmed if it take a few visits to achieve the desired color in order to maintain healthy results.

* Blonde hair doesn’t reflect light and never shines like brunettes that is why we recommend the Keratin Complex hair treatment to give your hair that luxurious finish.


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