Color Correction




UBU Color Salon, South Tampa does a lot of correction work for all areas of Tampa Bay. We would like to share some important fact that you should consider before allowing a stylist to perform this very technical and tricky service.  Whether you choose our salon or one of our competitors here are some key factors that must me addressed. 


  • Good and thorough communication between the client and the stylist. 
    • Expectations vs Reality
      • Will the condition of your hair tolerate the multiple services that are required to meet your goals.
    • What is the game plan? 
      • Your stylist should be able to layout a plan of action that is line with your desired results.
    • Big Red Flag
      • Being promised an exact result in a specific time frame.
      • Knowing the limitations, you can’t go from Black Boxed Color to Gorgeous Silver in one sitting






  • Can your hair withstand the services?
    • Treatments, Treatments, Treatments
      • You can’t build a house on a bad foundation, many times we will schedule multiple conditioning treatments prior to the actual correction.  This is imperative to a good result.
    • Take Home Products
      • Our experience has taught us that proper care before , during and after the service is key to a successful correction.  Correction is a costly venture. Proper take home will ensure you are protecting your investment.
    • Big Red Flag
      • Make sure the salon is using high-grade protectants and bonding agents through the entire process.  Here at UBU Color Salon Tampa, we use only top of the line additives such as Olaplex, P.H. Bonder as well as a wide variety of moisture and protein treatments.
  • Experience of the Salon and Stylist
    • Do not be afraid to ask questions
      • How long have you done hair
      • Does the salon do a lot of corrective work
      • What types of extended education, specific to color, does the salon engage in.
        • A reputable and experiences stylist puts in a lot of extra time to perfect the craft of corrective work, these are very important to consider when choosing a stylist. 



  • You’ve made your choice, UBU Color Salon, Tampa (wise choice).
    • Here is what our clients can expect.
      • Corrective work takes many hours therefore, we will require a deposit of 100.00 to book the time slot of one of our stylist books.  The 100.00 deposit is applied to the final total of your color correction visit.  This deposit is non-refundable in the event that you are unable to keep the appointment.
      • We charge $100.00 per hour
      • Our chemical fee is 50.00 and up
      • Services such as haircuts and blowouts will be charged separately.
      •   Release forms
    • We do require a release form be signed prior to any corrective work.  Even the most seasoned stylist can not predict what may happen during the the service.  Every head of hair will react in a different way.  This release will also outline everything you and your stylist discussed in the consultation.  What you can expect as far as future appointments and cost of up keep. 



Our team at UBU Color Salon, South Tampa is committed to taking this journey with you and we will do our part to ensure the process is both pleasant and rewarding. 

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