Free Wedding Styling Consulations
We know how exciting it is to plan for your wedding day! The Hair Co would be honored to take care of all your pre-wedding & wedding day needs! We offer several packages to help you and your bridal party achieve the perfect look. Call now to set up a complimentary consultation.

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The Hair Company offers a variety of styling services for hair, makeup, nails, and accessories.

Hairstyle/Updo with veil placement

Your hair on your Wedding Day reflects your personal style and the style of your wedding. Let us create beautiful cascading curls or a chic and sophisticated updo for you. We will also place the veil to see how it fits with your hairstyle.
Please bring your veil during your first appointment, trial run and on your Wedding Day.

Bridal Make up

Our expert make-up artists apply your make-up to your specifications for your Wedding Day. Your features are highlighted and enhanced with our artist's brushes.
Scheduling a make-up trial run is very important,see our Trial Run service for information.

Bridal Manicure

You receive all the benefits of our signature manicure. We take special care to make certain your nails look the way you want them for your Wedding Day.

Bridal Party Hairstyle and Make up

It is important for a Bride to look her best. It is also important for her Bridal Party to look their best as well. Our expert stylists will create a style for your Bridal Party that looks beautiful. Our make up artists create a look for your Bridal Party that will enhance and highlight their features.
Scheduling a trial run for their make up is just as important as scheduling yours. See our Trial Run service for information.

Bridal Pedicure

A relaxing pedicure for the Bride. We begin by soaking your feet in a relaxing foot bath. After the skin is softened, we put a luxurious foot scrub on and massage it in. Then, the dry skin is filed away and we apply a polish of your choice.

Trial Run

Having a trial run is very important for a Bride. This trial run helps our stylists and make-up artists know exactly what to do on your wedding day. You will also be able to make suggestions in order to get exactly what you need on your big day.