I've been going to Chicka for almost a year. Always love my cut and color. -Karina S 

Been a client of Terri Preston for years. She does a great job cutting my thick short hair.

-Melissa K 

"Today I had the privilege of having April Balch making me look human again with a great haircut & beard trim!  Great job,  great shop. They earned my repeat business folks!"
-Mark B

"We LOVE Michelle! My daughter and I have gone to her for several years now and my son has gone to her for the past year and a half. Michelle takes the time to understand what color and/or style you want and will be honest with you if she knows it won't work with your hair. I've never had a better stylist!"  -Kaye R

"I've used Shear Artistry since 2006, and love it!  Friendly staff and great service!  Shear Artistry offers a relaxing and fun atmosphere, I always feel like I go on a mini vacation when I walk in the door!"
-Bethany E.

Emily is great! The staff is also super nice and professional.  The facility itself is very clean...."   -Lindsay C

What a great salon!  I called this week to make an appointment for a cut and color, plus an eyebrow wax and possibly a few other services.  They were able to get me in the same week, and they did not disappoint!  My stylist, Rachel, was super sweet and did my hair exactly like I had described.  She was extremely knowledgeable and talented.  Two thumbs up!   -Emily S

I went in for a cut as a walk in and came out very happy!  My stylist Michelle was able to fit me in due to a short notice change in her schedule.  I love the layout of the Salon.  I feel like it's a very calming serene place and the way the Stylists are set up, it gives a real sense of privacy for the clients.  Michelle took the time to talk to me about what I wanted, and I feel she did a terrific job.  I went ahead and scheduled future appointments with her.  -Eva B

Great Salon!  Stacey is amazing and has done my hair and eyebrows for several years.  I will never go to another salon.  They have a great amount of talent in the place!  Amazing massage therapists as well.  -Melissa H 

Love this place!  Been going to them for years!  -Michelle H 

Rachael Thompson at Shear Artistry is amazing.  She has done my hair for 5+ years as well as family members and coworkers.  She is affordable, professional, attentive and talented.  I highly recommend her!  -Tracy A.

Rachael is Fabulous!  First visit with her today!  She listened and delivered.  First time ever taking a picture to a stylist and leaving with something even better!  -Leigh N.

Michelle Jennings at Shear Artistry on Nance Road does a wonderful job.  -Paula T.


Emily has been doing my hair for 6 months and it has never looked better! I drive an hour and a half just to see her. She listens to what you want and does her best to make it happen while still keeping your hair healthy!  She also always recommends affordable products to keep my hair looking it's best. The last time I went she sold me a product called Superfood.  This stuff is Gold!!!  My hair feels so amazing after using it.  Like silk!!!  I highly recommend Emily and this establishment.  It is very well maintained and staffed with stylists who are actually knowlegeable about the products and not just trying to sell you something to turn a profit. - Yuri G 

Great experience! Christy is fantastic!!!  - Deborah M

Love sweet Eva and Pam. Great place.  -Carol K.

Beautiful, well maintained salon with excellent customer service! I have short curly hair and my stylist Terri did an exceptional job. I think I have finally found my salon.  -Alyson M

I really liked Emily's waxing work.  -Elisangela G

I use Rachael. Never disappointed with her work! - Robin W

I just had my hair done by Emily Pegram.  Let me first off tell you, I am the most picky person when it comes to my hair and I usually never leave a salon happy.  I left feeling not only better about myself but feeling like I look really good.  She really does amazing work.  Highly suggest going here to get what you want done to your hair.  -Megan S

Been here two times now, and both times my expectations have been met. Diana is absolutely wonderful, sweet, nice AND a miracle worker!  I definitely have found my new beauty shop.  -Brittany C

Diana is great! Very nice place. I highly recommend. -Melisia A

Respectful, professional staff. Excellent manicures and pedicures by Katie.  Have been a customer of the salon for almost 20 yrs.  Never consider going anywhere else for salon services.  -Melissa S

I hadn't had my hair touched by a professional in 15 months, the person I let touch my hair for 5 years left the hair salon business. I had attempted to cut my own hair in March to avoid the stress of finding a new hairstylist that I could trust and put my faith into... I put my faith into Chika and made the right choice coming to this salon. She is awesome and really knows what she's doing.... She's very warm and welcoming. If you're trying to find somewhere new to get your hair cut, I recommend trying here first. You won't get a better experience elsewhere.  - Bailey B

As a girl with curls, finding a salon that can handle them is so important! This salon offers a Deva Cut and DevaCurl products, the staff is friendly and the setup of the salon is not like I've been to and I love it!            -Amanda S

Bailey gave me a great haircut. She met with me before hand and took the time to talk about what I wanted and thoughtfully executed a great cut.  -Amy P

Reasonable prices, friendly staff.  -Michael C

I've gone to Shear Artistry for years and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of all the staff.  Angie is the perfect receptionist; she knows who you are and who you"belong" to. Eva has cut, colored and taken care of my hair through three salons, and I wouldn't trade her for the world!  Pam is the best shampooer around! She too, knows your preferences, and you feel like a million when you get out of her chair. I recommend Shear Artistry to anyone.  In fact, I have many times!!  -Patti M

I have been going to Rachael since we moved here. I am always greeted at the door and ased if I would like a beverage. Rachael is always prompt, she listens to my ideas, and she does a great job cutting my fine, curly hair. She asks me to check over it, and we discuss anything I might want changed.  -Megan D

I just had my hair done by Emily Pegram. Let me first off tell you I am the most picky person when it comes to my hair and I never usually leave a salon happy. I left feeling not only better about myself but feeling like I look really good. She really does amazing work. Highly suggest going here to get what you want done to your hair.  -Megan S

Very cute and clean salon. Bailey gave me a great haircut. I have curly hair and sometimes other stylists give me triangle head cuts. She didn't! Very personable as well. Highly recommend her specifically and the salon as well.  -Melanie

I've never had a Deva Cut and finally found someone in my area who could do one. When I met with Diana, she listened intently to what I wanted from this Deva Cut experience - yes, experience, because it's more than just a haircut. I learned a lot from the new to me deva curl products tested on my hair, and for the first time in my life, a comb did not touch my hair while being cut!! She balanced out my shape and blended the areas that needed fixing. She styled it, dried it and went over it again to make sure I didn't need any last minute snips. I left that place HAPPY and I've never been fully happy with my hair. I am thrilled I met Diana and took a chance on her. If you need some major TLC for your curls, go see Diana. She'll do your curls right and you'll leave a happy customer!  -Beth Y

Christy is amazing. If you want a balayage, she is your girl!  -Kayla B

This is a really nice place and I will definitely be back!  -Danielle C

Atmosphere is wonderful!  Very kind ladies that work there.  -Abigail H

I've been going to Christy Rawls and absolutely love her! She is open to all of my requests when I want to go wild with my hair color and when I want to keep it easy and low maintenance. She has always given me exactly what I wanted with my color and cut, and she takes the time to really understand what you want before starting. Recommend her highly!!  -Jennifer B

Stacey is my stylist who always is a joy to talk to while she works her magic on my hair. Very satisfied!!       -Sandra D

Bailey was amazing!! So kind and patient.  She's amazing with the kids as well!!! I couldn't be happier with not only the service but the end result is just WOW!!!  -Nirvana D

I don't have a picture yet but believe me when I say this salon is the perfect place if your searching for your "home salon" like I've been doing for a long time. Christy is a master at creating the bangs and/or layers of your dreams and she gave me the best eyebrow waxing ever! The staff is so friendly and warm and the prices are amazing! Thank you!   -Jaci J

I definitely recommend this place, Christy is amazing and she will not let you leave until you're happy with your hair!  -Lauren B

Wonderful work. I so look forward to my appointments with Rachael. Time just flies by. The other stylits also do excellent work.  -Judy S

Knowledgeable staff. Always a great experience. Christy is great with my curly hair. She also colors my "hard to color grey". She gets it right everytime!  -Jill B

Chika did a great job on my haircut and I love it!! I forgot to bring the photo of the hairstyle I wanted. She listened and she delivered it. I love how she gives tips on how to style my hair at home to give my flat hair on the back and bangs more volume. The receptionist is nice too. Always ask if I want somethng to drink.  -Kyoko S

Just carried my little girl in for her first haircut and I couldn't be happier with the service we received! Definitely would recommend.  -Tiffany J

Went today for the first time and loved the salon and stylist Bailey. She was so sweet and let me talk non stop because I'm home with a baby all day. She did a great job. Very happy and will go back.  -Tiffany A

A wonderful, quiet place to relax and be pampered.  Eva is the best!!!  -Patti M

Lisa gave me a perm. It's the best perm I've ever received (and I have had more than a few perms over the years). She is thoughtful, insightful and provides professional recommendations. She is personable and considerate too. Being serviced by her was an absolute joy. Thank you Lisa!  -Linda G

I have never been so happy with a salon in my life. I use Diana Langseth and she is simply amazing...she makes your hairstyle and color look awesome but her head massage technique when washing makes me feel like I just left the spa!!!! Affordable as well as enjoyable. Highly recommend!!!!  -Tara B

Chika did my little girls first highlights this afternoon and did a fabulous job! My daughter had a picture to show her what she had in mind and Chika was able to completely do the same for my daughter! I highly recommend her. She is sweet and very attentive! Awesome work! I will be back to see her in a few weeks!  -Jennifer S

Lisa Davis gave me the haircut I've been looking for! She's friendly and professional!  -Idania B

These ladies were so nice and very helpful!  Christy was so sweet and did an amazing job on my hair! Thank you ladies! I'll be back!  -Barbara B

Location!! Shear Artistry is close. Phyllis!! She is amazing with color helping me to be gracefully gray. She is an amazing stylist. They have WiFi. Every employee I have encountered there is cheerful, attentive and friendly. The atmosphere is fresh, unpretentious and comfortable. -Mary B.

It was my first time to ever get the Deva cut, and Bailey did such an amazing job! At first I was in shock because the cut can really cause your hair to curl more than you're used to, so I wasn't expecting such a drastic change in length. However, after I washed it and followed my own routine with my products, I can really see how great this cut is. Bailey is super knowledgeable and gave me so many tips for styling my hair without the damage of heat. I recommend anyone with curly hair to come see her!   -Cheri K