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Rachel and Co Salon is a certified DevaCURL salon. We are certified to do the DevaCUT and Deva Pintura hair services for our clients. Each haircut is going to vary from client to client, as does the curly hair from person to person. This is why each DevaCut requires more time to achieve the beautiful sculpture of curls. Each cut is done curl by curl.  For more information regarding pricing check out the "Services" page. The DevaCurl product line is 100% free of sulfates, paraben, or silicones. The product line contains botanical extracts to gently cleanse, hydrate, and lock in the moisture. Maintining the Deva Lifestyle is as simple as the Deva 3 Step. Consisting of using Deva No Poo Cleanser, Deva One Condition, and finishing with the use of DevaAngel, Deva B'LeaveIn, DevaArcAngel, Deva volumizing Frizz Free Foam, Deva Spray gel, and/or Deva Styling Cream.  Set the hair into desired style and allow 100% drying, release the gel, and finish with beautiful frizz-free soft bouncy curls every time.  

"Straighten a curly girl and she'll be happy for a day. Teach her to love and care for her curls and she'll be happy for life." quote from Lorraine Massey, co-founder of DevaCurl. 



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