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Basic Facial - $60 (45 minutes)

This gentle treatment is suitable for all skin type. It gently cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin for a beautiful glow. (No Extraction)

Essential Facial - $90 (60 minutes)

For those wanting a basic facial but with more time in addition to extractions to rid the pores of congestion followed by a relaxing facial massage.

Rose Petal Essential Facial - $100 (60 minutes)

A luxurious facial to boost cell regeneration and give an instantly smooth, radiant complexion. A calming face massage with a gentle cleanser is followed by a soothing exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. After a professional extraction a delightful rose petal blended cream mask is applied to hydrate, nourish and calm your skin leaving the face clean and fresh.

Redness Relief - $110 (75 minutes)

No need to feel left out just because you're feeling sensitive. This facial targets dehydration, redness, couperose and rosacea. With the use of a special seaweed-cooling mask that is high in mineral and vitamin content. A gel that is safe to use around the delicate eye area is applied and left to sit for just a few minutes. Skin will be made to soften, detoxify and calm all in one treatment!

Renew & Refresh - $100 (60 mins.)

Indulge in this restorative facial perfect for any occasion or just because. A luxurious addition to your skin care ritual promoting an absolutely radiant glow. Cleanse, improve & smooth t he complexion; extraction included if necessary.

Stone Crop Lighten Up Facial - $120 (60-75 minutes)

Suited for: All skin types/ Problematic Experience this one of a kind treatment using succulent cactus with powerful healing properties. Your complexion will appear clearer while feeling quenced and renewed. RESULTS: Brighter Skin, Releif of Flaky / Dry Skin, Heals & Hydrates

Hydrate & Restore - $120 (75 minutes)

This facial is a four-step process that will exfoliate, hydrate and lift the skin. Followed by a restorative cream to repair and rejuvenate the skins appearance.

Deep Cleansing - $130 (75 minutes)

This is perfect for those wanting to detoxify and decongest the skin of breakouts and blemishes. The use of two different treatment masks promotes oxygenation of the skin cells.

Sea C Facial - $140 (75 minutes)

This treatment is perfectly suited for city skin. The combination of the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and Bio-Marine extracts brighten even the most stressed skin.

LumiFacial - $150 (60 minutes)

Targets common skin problems such as minor acne, redness and uneven pigmentation. During your treatment a wrap around facial panel is positioned in front of your face. Specific light energy for your skin type is then selected. Promoting cellular rejuvenation from within leaving skin with immediate results that are visible and glowing. (*28th st location only)

Collagen Plus - $160 (90 minutes)

Get maximum results with this Collagen Plus facial. Proven to reduce lines, wrinkles, improve cell metabolism and skin regeneration. This treatment is perfect for those with mature, aging and fatigued skin. Paraffin enhances the penetration of a treatment mask and has a smoothing effect on the skin.

Mesotherapy - $160 (90 minutes)

Mesotherapy involves tiny superficial injections of a potent skin rejuvenating cocktail of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids. When this cocktail is injected across the skin barrier to where it can have an affect, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, all while stimulating the skin’s metabolism. Read More...

Oxygen Puracne Treatment - $170 (90 minutes)

A unique oxygenating clincial treatment for oily or acne prone skin. Puracne Oxygen balances and detoxifies to help control acne, matify and revitalize fatigued and stressed skin. Hydrates in depth, evens out and brightens the complexion for healthy skin.

Wrinkle Release - $180 (90 minutes)

If you want to experience the effect of Botox without a trip to the doctor's office, this is for you! Botinol combines two hexapeptide complexes, argiliene and retinol, into one powerful cocktail, to erase existing and prevent future wrinkles.

LumiLIFT - $200 (90 minutes)

This procedure is a revolutionary way of rejuvenating the skin and lifting sagging muscles. Using two special electrodes that feature an advanced application of micronized electrodes, micronized current and light energy. At the end of your treatment, an antioxidant product is infused into your skin. Restores a natural, youthful appearance to the skin.