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 6-7-2010   Peter says:

 I'm amazed that doing one simple thing, like getting a really good haircut can make such a difference in how I look. I'm very happy and reccomend this place!


 8-24-2010 Dimitriy says:

I go to Mila’s Haircut every month for a haircut  and I always get great and fast service, I never make an appointment I just walk-in and they have someone there. I would definitely suggest this shop to all my friends and family! 


 7-20-2010  Valerie says:

I love it when I find a good deal and its for real. I wanted highlights and saw their ad for free haircut with color, perm or highlights. The price for the highlights was very reasonable and the stylists took the time to do a first class haircut, Im very happy with the highlights the haircut and the price. The people were very nice too


7-26-2010 Jenny says:

I was really impressed yet again, this store has doubled in size from my first visit.  The staff was really friendly and knowledgeable.  My highlights were perfect and done just how I like them :)  I would  recommend this shop to anyone!

3-24-2010   James says:

You asked me to write a review, so here it is!  Great Job

11-7-2011   Michelle says:

She helped take my hair from a gradient nightmare (Red at the top with grown out black roots to brown/black at that bottom), which was the result of me trying to color my hair on my own lol..never agian. To a modern and trendy black Japanese street fashion look, with red and purple pops of color! I can't help but play with my hair and have fun with the off beat cut. It's nice to finally find a hairstylist who will listen to your ideas and influences, and guide you through the process to achieve the look your gunning for. She even was nice enough to send me home with some new hair styling product to get that "spiky" punk rocker look. I'll be back soon for a touch up!


4-12-2012  Kate says:

          Mila's Salon is by far one of the best in Tucson. I consistently get my eyelashes filled there after originally getting them done at another salon in Tucson. When I went to Mila's for the first time, I will be honest in saying I was judgmental of the establishment as it does not have the glitz and glamour that other salons have. My judgment was quickly changed when I was kindly greeted by Mila. I soon came to realize that there is a reason they do not have the glitz and glamour; that reason being they don't waste money on image, they put it towards product, quality, and training. I went in for an eyelash fill and Mila had to completely re-do my eyelashes because they were so poorly done the first time at another salon. Not only did she re-do them, but she took her time (2 1/2+ hours) and did not charge me more than the $65 fee for a regular fill. She should have charged me full price for a new set, but clearly she values her customer's satisfaction. If you are looking to go to a place for a quick fill or a quick new set of eyelashes, Mila's is not the place, because Mila's takes her time with each individual client to make sure the result is nothing short of perfect. I work odd hours as a sales rep, and I called to schedule an eyelash fill. I asked if she had anything in the evening, and she said I could come in at 9pm even though they close at 8 pm. She was MORE than willing to stay late for me even though her salon is probably the only salon open as late as it is. There was a client before me who she also stayed late for. That is TRUE customer service and generosity. I would recommend Mila's to absolutely everyone! Do not judge a book by it's cover when you walk in and have full confidence that you will be taken care of and completely satisfied. I have yet to hear of anyone who does eyelashes as well as Mila, or a salon that truly focuses on quality and not the image of the salon.


6-21-2012 Michelle Knight says:

Michelle Knight reviewed in the last week

Quality 3 / 3
My best friend, Jyn called me from Mesa, AZ with a hair disaster. She colored her hair at home and it looked a greenish/grey color when she was done. She was supposed to be a blonde. Her mom offered to pay to have it corrected, problem was mom just moved to Tucson and had no idea where to go for a color correction. So being the computer geek that I am, I jumped online and began searching salons in Tucson, AZ (I live in South Carolina). I read all the reviews and narrowed it down to two salons, Mila's was one of them. I called and spoke to Rebecca and explained the situation. We were quoted $60 an hour, (which is reasonable). I know this because I called around and asked. She set Jyn up for a noon appointment. When they arrived they were greeted by Mila and were offered beverages. They said they felt very welcomed and comfortable. Mom relaxed and chatted with Mila between her appointments. Mom noticed that Mila did several kid cuts and the kids and the parents were very happy. Mom notices everything and she observed that everyone was very happy with their services and the stylists. Rebecca explained to Jyn that she would need to cut her hair because it was over processed, dry and damaged. She asked Jyn how short she was willing to go. She listened to Jyn and did exactly what Jyn asked. Rebecca waited on another client with a color issue while she was taking care of Jyn, never once neglecting either client. After almost five hours Jyn had the perfect hair color and cut and was not charged for five full hours. Rebecca charged her for the actual time she worked on her hair not time she sat waiting for it to process and she did not charge her for the cut and style. With tip Jyn paid around $200, which is very good! Most color corrections start at $100 an hour and take a minimum of two hours. Jyn and mom are extremely happy. I saw the pictures and the color and cut is absolutely gorgeous!!! They said they will be returning and Jyn has already been quoted touch up and highlight prices which is less than what she has been paying in Mesa. I hope this helps someone make the trip to Mila's.


Charlotte Darlenson's profile photo

Charlotte Darlenson reviewed 7 months ago

Quality Excellent
Mila is amazing at all of the things her buisness offers. She and her staff are trustworthy and friendly.They know what they are doing! When I walked into her salon for the first time, I immeadiatley felt in good hands. She is GREAT with all of your beauty needs! For all of your hair and whatnot matters I would definitley recommend Mila's!


Rosemary Muldoon's profile photo

Rosemary Muldoon reviewed in the last week

Quality Excellent

I have had the pleasure of knowing "Mila" for the last four years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a talented hairstylist, driven businesswoman with charismatic personality. A gifted strategic thinker that is able to connect her ideas into tactical plans that are well thought out and executed, she has started with her one business, waited until the time was right to open her other salon. Mila has a collaborative style and is very client focused. Mila sincerely cares for the staff that works for her and at the same time she is driven to see her salons as Upscale of Tucson Best!




Odessie Russell's profile photo
Odessie Russell reviewed in the last week
Quality Excellent
I went in a frumpy houdewife and came out a tidy clean woman. My husbsnd loved the cut and I felt so much better. Karol was so great it was such a plessant experience with her. She was proffesional and clearly knew what she was doing. I plan on returning again. Really lived up to their reviews here. I would make sure to schedule an apointment but the wait was not bad at all. Karol took the time with me on my hair I could see that this salon does not rush their clients.


5.0 star rating
2 check-ins here

Since leaving Phoenix, I was looking for a salon that did lash extensions (as good as what I had--or better...I am VERY picky about my lash extensions, and I have had them for approximately three years), and I was beginning to doubt that I would be able to find something comparable.  I was beginning to wonder if I might have to commute to Phoenix every three weeks for my one vice...lash extensions.  I stumbled upon Mila's on Yelp, and decided to try (sigh) one...last...time...and hit it outta the park!  
Mila is absolutely wonderful!  My lashes are thick and full once again--and she applied mink extensions (without my asking, and they are the same price as silk) that are beautiful.  She was very receptive to my requests (long lashes--but they HAVE to look real), very gentle, and very fast (in fact, during my first fill, I wondered if my extensions would last as long as she said).  Don't get me wrong, I will ALWAYS hold a special place in my extension-loving heart for my former lash extension-ista, but Mila is every bit as good.  I have had two fills here, and both times, I leave with beautiful, soft, realistic looking lashes (sorry, no go-go lashes here!).  
I have had no pain, tenderness or problems with the extensions as my lashes grow out, and, dare I say, I think they last longer than my "Phoenix" extensions did.  As if that weren't enough, I went to the wrong location and was late to my second appointment, and Mila was still able to accommodate me.  On my first appointment, after she removed and corrected the mistakes from my last extension application, she only charged me for a fill, and we both knew she should have charged me for a full set.  
If you are looking for beautiful lash extensions, look no further than Mila's!!


★★★★★ I have been using Milas for lash extensions for over a year. She is consistenly excellent. I previously had tried several other lash places, until I was refered by a friend to Milas.The other salons were ok, but after truing Mila I have stopped looking around. She is patient, friendly and does not rush! Thank you for my beautiful eye lashes!    :



 MILA Says:  Please come in for the BEST DEALS on Popular Services. All SERVICES 100% GUARANTEED. Two Great Locations. FREE CONSULTATIONS.


Catherine 8-9-13

Simply Stated Awesome Lady"

As it was time to look for a new stylist here in Tucson, it became a terrifying event to me to start the search for someone new after many years with my former stylist. As most of us do these days, I hit the Web to begin my search. My gosh, there were so many sites out there is was mind boggling to decide "ok, who am I going to trust to cut my short spikey hair and at the same time keep a business profesional appearance".

After searching many sites util I became blue in the face I kept coming back to Mila's. Your site had really impressed me with all the information on your salon, the professional appearance and especially the hours of operations not even to mention your reasonable pricing. I thought, oh well, I'm off on vacation this week so let's try it and just in case I am not pleased with the services I still have a few days to try and style my hair at home prior to returning to the office, or if need be, find someone else to fix it.

As the salon at East Grant states opens at 8AM, I thought let's call a few minutes after 8 and see if anyone answers the phone or is it one of those please leave you name and number deals! To my amazement, the phone was answered on the second ring by a real live person. The lady who answered introduced herself as Julie with such a friendly voice I thought ok, this sounds promising. In speaking with Julie I learned she was extremely experienced with a clipper and razor cut on short hair, exactly what I was looking for. She took the time to discuss the salon operations with me and answered all my questions and calmed any fears I had with such a pleasant voice and friendly attitude it felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend and just couldn't wait to get an appointment with this lady. To my surprise, I was able to come in the same morning. OK, test number one passed.

As I was not sure of how to locate the salon, with Julie's excellant directions I arrived with no probems at all. Julie greeted me with such a friendly, positive attitude that I felt very comfortable. She took the time and was genuinly interested to understand what type of cut I was looking for and how I styled it myself at home. We went step by step together as she began the clipper cut portion and then the razor while always inquiring as to taking a little off at a time until we reached the correct length and style. I was so impressed with Julie as one of my worst fears was ending up with my hair scalped off way too short! Test number two passed.

I was also impressed with the salon being exactly like it was portrayed on the Web site.  Extremely neat and clean and well organized.  Test number three passed.

I left Mila's that moring with a super hair cut and feeling on top of the world that I had found my new stylist in Julie.  Not only are her skills top notch, her friendy, caring attitude made me feel welcomed and that she genuinly cares and takes pride in making her client's experience something to look forward to for their next appointment. So much so that I made my next appointment with Julie prior to leaving the salon. If you haven't done so already, you may want to consider adding Julie to your PR staff as she is one great voice and friendly attitude to help promote your salons!  Test number four passed.

What more can I say? With four out of four passing grades will keep me coming back with Julie now being my new go-to gal!


Fodor Marlene

four weeks ago I visited Mila’s Haircuts on E. Grant/Alvernon the first time. I was looking to get a haircut and a Body Wave Perm. After calling for an appointment I was scheduled to be served by Cisco (his full name Francisco). He did a wonderful job cutting my very long hair to medium length (just  shoulder length) and giving me a perfect Body Wave Perm. As I have few bleached hair on the top, he checked if my hair was OK to have the perm.
Since then my hairstyle and the perm is just what I wanted. And still after 4 weeks really excellent!


3 hrs · 

Well Mila Brunsman proved again: she is the best hairdresser in Tucson! Love my hair!

 — at Mila's Salon.


Dec 12, 2014  Bert

Comments: Dropped in on a whim today for a haircut without an appointment.  Julie was able to fit me in quickly.  She was very professional and personable.  I immediately liked her a lot and felt comfortable.  Above all, she gave me the best cut I've had in a very long time...(this says a lot, as I am a very picky licensed cosmetology instructor).  I left looking great and feeling fantastic!  I offer my highest recommendation for this location, and especially for Julie!  Awesome Job!!!

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