Featured Treatments

Awapuhi Wild Ginger

    Considered the "spine" of the hair shaft, keratin protein is a vital element in strong, healthy hair.

KeraTriplex™ is an exclusive blend of isolated keratin proteins specially designed to repair and seal damaged hair. It's the most effective keratin protein available in hair care today.

For more information on Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul Mitchell click here.

Malibu Hard Water Treatment

    Softening the effects of hard water helps hair go from dull to brilliant. Detox your hair by removing the minerals that have deposited themselves on each strand.

Malibu's hard water treatment draws out even hard-to-budge hard water mineral deposits with a crystallized vitamin C wellness remedy, prevents future deposits of malicious minerals while removing discoloration and brassiness caused by iron or copper, and infuses moisture, shine and manageability with a targeted hard water wellness kit containing a daily shampoo and conditioner along with weekly wellness remedies.

Purified hair means natural hair, so you get better results with any chemical service including color, highlights, perms, keratin treatments and relaxers.
Malibu Swimmers Demineralizer
  Dial down damage and discoloration with this signature solution for swimmers’ strands that eliminates impurities, including hard water mineral build-up, to restore balance and transform trashed tresses to a healthier condition.

Removes and prevents swimmers' green hair; restores softness, manageability and shine to dry, brittle hair.

FORMULA 18 is a chemically resilient material that ionically binds to the hair’s cuticle and offers long-term protection from harsh hair color, free radicals, peroxides, and environmental stressors. Damaged hair has a raised cuticle, while healthy hair has a smooth, closed cuticle. FORMULA 18 penetrates between uplifted scales in the cuticle to create a stapling type effect with a smoother, healthier appearance. FORMULA 18 is a blend that creates a highly effective hybrid biopolymer to aid in reducing and fixing damage done to the cuticle while simultaneously strengthening the hair fiber.
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