Since I’ve been a student at Hillsdale Beauty College, I feel like I have learned just as 
much, if not more, than I would have learned if I chose to go to a bigger school. I have 
been happy with the experience and have also learned a lot about professionalism. The 
teachers work with you one-on-one until you are confident on your own. I started school 
in November and honestly feel in the short time I have been a student, I have the 
confidence and skills to be on my own. The teachers check everything after you are done 
and they make you feel awesome when you do something right! If you make a mistake 
they always help you fix the problem. I am glad that I decided to come here instead of a 
big chain school. It has been such a positive experience and I have made so many friends, 
but most importantly I’m getting a good education. I would recommend Hillsdale Beauty 
College to anyone of any age that is interested in the cosmetology field. 
Brittany Laney 
Current Student 
Beauty has always been a big interest of mine. My senior year of high school, I decided l 
that it would be a good idea to enroll in Beauty school. I had heard a lot about Hillsdale 
Beauty College, I know quite a few girls that have attended this school. Living in 
Hillsdale made a big impact on where I would go to school because we have our very 
own beauty college. 
 I have really enjoyed the time I have had here so far. I remember being so nervous 
for my first client - I could not stop shaking. Luckily, the instructors here are absolutely 
awesome and are willing to help you with anything! I feel very confident with my work 
now thanks to them. 
 A big part of the beauty industry is being professional. All of the instructors are 
very professional and are good role models to all of the students. HBC is very fun and we 
are usually doing something exciting so time goes by so fast. If you are looking for a 
career in the beauty industry, you should call Hillsdale Beauty College! 
Jorey Lambright 
Current Student 
I am beyond thankful for my education and experience at Hillsdale Beauty College! I 
began my cosmetology education as a co-op my junior year in high school and after 
graduating, I became a full time student. I feel as if that helped me excel being able to, in 
a way, extend my education. I learned so much within those years that more than 
prepared me for state boards. But HBC not only prepared me for state boards, it also 
prepared me for the quick pace in a salon environment. I never thought I would be able to 
accomplish all that I did as a student there, but that was because of the close knit 
community between the instructors and the students. The instructors were always there if 
you needed help or had questions, they would walk you through everything step by step, 
and also help you to excel with your strengths and improve your weaknesses. I would 
recommend attending HBC to anyone interested in the cosmetology field because the 
experience you will encounter will hold lasting memories and will prepare you for a 
bright future as a cosmetologist!
Kristin Salyer 
Former student