Owner / Education Director & Senior Instructor

photo of Zetave Young, Owner / Education Director & Senior Instructor Zetave Young
Hillsdale Beauty College
440 Marshall Street, Coldwater, MI 49036 - 517-227-5163 | 64 Waldron Street
Hillsdale, MI, 49242 USA

Zetave has been in the beauty industry for many years and is the proud Owner, Education Director and Senior Instructor here at Hillsdale Beauty College.  She is passionate about her career and is dedicated to making this school the best she can!  Every day she thinks "Wow!  It is up to me to make the next generation of Cosmetologists...if I fail, they fail."

Born and raised in Hillsdale, Zetave now resides in Coldwater, MI.  She has always loved doing hair and make-up, so she decided to make a living of it. She received her instructor license in 2004 from Hillsdale Beauty College.  Zetave decided to start teaching because of her love for the industry and she wanted to motivate and inspire future professionals.

Her students will say that she is very professional and cares deeply about their education.  When a student is struggling to learn something, she offers one on one time with them. She loves to see her students' eyes light up when the skill they are learning finally makes sense to them. She wants her students to feel confident and be prepared to go out and fulfill their dreams!