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Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Are Now Easily Achievable….
Thanks to new hair extension techniques

Unfortunately, not all of us born with the hair we'd like to have. We're even more aware of this if our hair is growing out between cuts, fine, thin or lacking highlights. If you see yourself in this description, you'll want to know that thick, lustrous, even longer hair is only a consultation away. Can this be true? You bet!

Thanks to Great Lengths Hair Extensions you can have the hair you've always wanted. No, this is not the stuff of early morning infomercials. This is 100% European Human hair (available in 24 colors), that is added to your existing hair by way of a state of the art process. The end result is a perfectly natural FULL head of hair. You'll experience no uncomfortable seams or knots, and there's not the slightest visible hint that every hair on your head isn't your own.

Want to learn more? Read on. Here's some of the frequently asked questions regarding hair extensions.

1. What is the biggest single advantage of hair extensions?
The advantages are twofold. Volume and length, as well as the fact your hair will become instantly thicker.

2. How long do hair extensions last?
Four months, but they can be removed at any time.

3. Can I treat my extended hair normally?
Yes, you can wash and brush your extended hair as you would your own.

4. Will having hair extensions restrict my activities?
Absolutely not. You can swim, surf, ski or pursue any activity you normally do.

5. How much do hair extensions cost?
Depending on whether you require a simple highlight effect or a full head of extensions, you may need anywhere from 50 to 200 individual bonds. (There are 4 different bond sizes available, ready to suit the texture of your own hair.) An application will cost between approximately $200 to $1, 000. For those in need of a hairline boost, the price is right…..and the result incomparable!

6. How long does it take to apply hair extensions?
Anywhere from 20 minutes for partial service to 3 or 4 hours for a full head of hair.

7. How long must my hair be before I can have extensions?
Your hair must be long enough to cover the bonds of the extended hair, generally 3 to 4 inches in length.

8. How do I know I am a candidate for hair extensions?
Anyone wanting fuller hair with more volume and length or anyone with thinning hair due to age is a candidate for extensions. Hair extensions are not recommended for people losing hair due to medication or baldness. Hair extensions technology is not hair replacement technology. If you think you're a candidate for hair extensions, visit the salon for a consultation.

9. Who applies hair extensions?
Great Lengths are exclusive to salons. A fully qualified extensionist will apply your hair extensions following an in depth consultation.

10. Following the initial consultation, what's the next step?
Once you have decided on hair extensions, you will need to begin using the Anti Tap Water Formula. At the time of your consultation your extensionist can install 1 or 2 extensions at no charge so you can see for yourself how simple---and---sensational---hair extensions are.

11. Can I color and perm my hair?
Yes. Extensions may be permed either prior to being applied, or after. Hair may also be tinted, but not bleached. Thanks to the excellent availability of colors(24), color matching is very accurate.

12. Once I have hair extensions, what then?
Once the service is completed, you'll return to the salon after three weeks for a maintenance check-up. Your extensionist will check the bonds to ensure they are securely fastened. If any are loose or have fallen out, they will be replaced. Another check up will be necessary at 16 weeks or four months. At this appointment your extensionist will let you know if its time to remove or replace your extensions.

13. If I wish to remove my extensions, how is it done and will it damage my hair?
Each extension is removed with a few drops of removal solution. The solution penetrates the bond and extensions with the bonds are easily combed out. Your hair is not damaged in this process.

14. Do I need to use any special products while enjoying hair extensions?
We recommend Great Lengths Anti Tap Water PH formula which mirrors the natural pH of the hair and prevents hair from swelling and encourages flattening of the cuticle. This formula also helps bring out shine and prevents hair from tangling. The Anti Tap Water pH formula is also frequently used by clients without extensions. pH balanced shampoos are compatible with your extensions. If there's anything else you need to know, why not ask the salon? Better yet, come for a consultation and see for yourself what a little length and volume can do for your style, your hair style and your life!

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