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Creative Concepts Explores Industry History 

Creative Concepts is a family owned business and has been around since 1972.  Creative Concepts incorporated the rich heritage and legacy that dates back hundreds of years ago. This rich heritage stretches into Europe with a young stable master whose name was Marcel. Marcel went to Africa prior to the Middle Ages. While there, he observed the manes and tails of horses being curled with irons. They are the same irons that we heat up in our stores and salons today.

Creative Concepts’ mentor and hero was a woman by the name of Sarah Breed Love. Many of us today know her as “Madame C.J. Walker”. She was the mother of Black America’s beauty. Madame C. J. Walker was a pioneer, survivor, entrepreneur and one of the first if not the first black female millionaire. Among her many contributions to the industry was she inspired many to become the entrepreneurs of today.

A contemporary of Sarah Breed Love was a young woman who sat at her grandmother’s knees - that’s where she was taught. Her grandmother was a slave. The lady referred to was Mary T. Malone. She started a system of “doo voos.” Her grandmother told her that three hundred years before a white man set foot in Africa, black men and women curled their hair with the same irons Marcel took to Europe.

This legacy must be continued that was set by our predecessors. Today this industry is afforded many opportunities that were not available to them.  Creative Concept’s staff are a gifted and blessed people and fully utilize their talents to make this a more “beautiful world.”  Creative Concepts will continue to thrive in many years to come.

Hair Care Tips and Information 

Creative Concepts’ varied expertise in hair care and beauty affords the knowledge to contribute to the general public. Listed are simple and straightforward communications that may be used as a guide for stronger and healthier hair.

One of the areas in which Creative Concepts educates and informs the general public is regarding the knowledge of consumer debate between “no-lye” and “lye” relaxers.

*FDA has received complaints about scalp irritation and hair breakage related to both lye and “no-lye” relaxers. Some consumers falsely assume that compared to lye relaxers, “no-lye” relaxers take all the worry out of straightening.

“People may think because it says “no-lye” that it’s not caustic,” says FDA biologist Lark Lambert. But both types of relaxers contain ingredients that work by breaking chemical bonds of the hair, and both can burn the scalp if used incorrectly. Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient. With “no-lye” relaxers, calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate are mixed to produce guanidine hydroxide.

*U. S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA Consumer, January - February 2001

Creative Concepts firmly believes that “no-lye” relaxers actually cause cuticle swelling as well as dry and brittle hair and the lye-based relaxer offers a smoother texture and look.

Lye-based relaxers are activated by sodium hydroxide. “No-lye” includes calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate, which are mixed together to produce guanidine hydroxide, as the active ingredient.

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