Our Mission Statement:

To put forth a well-balanced beauty professional that can excel in their chosen field at a high level of productivity with the ability to shape the future of a truly rewarding career.

At Black Hills Beauty College, our philosophies on student achievement are centered on:

  •     Transferring knowledge that encourages creativity.
  •     Motivating passions for the exciting beauty industry.
  •     Respecting students and promoting student respect for peers.
  •     Cultivating skills and abilities that go beyond entry-level positions.
  •     Instilling a desire to succeed.

At Black Hills Beauty College, we strive to sustain professional programs that continually look to the future in all areas of the industry. Black Hills Beauty College reinvests in its education to provide for future students through continuing educational growth of the staff, teaching methods, and techniques by encouraging staff and students to attend hair shows, seminars, etc. to keep in tune with the ever-changing modes of our field.

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