"Love the low-key, casual atmosphere" 9/24/14



"Julie always analyzes a style to clients suggestion along with her.  Her input is more than appreciated!" MJ, 8/15/14



"Toni treated me as a VIP (as always)! It's like coming home...I look forward to every visit!" M.V. O'Riordan, 7/29/14



"Vanessa is amazing for everything from waxing to facials.  I would suggest her to everyone." D. Burris, 7/29/14



"Vanessa's waxing service was great, I am very happy with the results!" Annoymous, 7/29/14



Vanessa gave "by far and away, the best facial I've ever had." 9/13/14



"You all are wonderful!" S. Soeken



"Kara, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to treat me kindly.  I am always so happy when I walk away from your salon.  THose of us who are up there in the aging process rely on you to make us feel good about ourselves as possible.  You seem to understand that.  I think you are wise beyond your years.  If you are every having a bad day, just remember that you always make my day." G. Zitnay