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Carlos Arellano is legit. 


I came to Carlos to correct a mess left on my head a few days ago by a previous stylist at another salon. See my before and after pic!


That particular disaster had occurred on Friday, and I was able to book an appointment with Carlos for Monday after finding him on Yelp, and texting him about my issue and his availability. I love that he makes it easy to reach him! He communicated back very promptly and was clear and helpful at all times. 


My main (or should I say 'mane') issue was that I been cut previously by someone else into a very unflattering triangular shape and my mane needed a radical chop into a feminine pixie cut that I had my heart set on. My hair type is course, black (but bleached to blonde), frizzy and badly damaged - probably one of the hardest types of hair to work with! 


Carlos is a great listener. He really does understand and reflect on what you're saying. Without judging, he examined my hair and we exchanged ideas about the best style to go for, given my face shape, hair type, desired level of maintenance, growing out of my frazzled bleached highlights, my switch to using all natural products, and more. 


Any one of these issues could have been a contention issue, but with Carlos, it wasn't. I was a little nervous about bring up the subject of my switching to using ONLY natural products - specifically I am now using products with no sulfates, silicones, parabens, drying alcohols, waxes, and some types of proteins. I'm also avoiding using shampoo, only co-washing. 


I might have been a nightmare client situation for some hair stylists, but Carlos was sensitive to where I'm at on my hair journey, and didn't mind when I asked to see the ingredients list for one product he was going to use. I really appreciate that sensitivity. 


He could have advised me against the route I am on (but didn't), as my fried fake blonde hair is just about ready to break off! However, when he was done, my hair was smooth and frizz-free and still is now. He didn't use any harsh products, nor heat, yet the hair is transformed. I couldn't believe it. 


When Carlos cuts, he does not waste time. He used a razor to cut my hair which meant better hair condition, a speedier cut, and greater control. He uses his tools masterfully - he sees something in his mind and makes it a reality with complete confidence! It's a pleasure to watch him working on my hair. 


Also, it's refreshing to find a stylist that keeps a respectful distance and the conversation stayed on the subject of hair. If you want to avoid the chit-chat and small talk I can definitely recommend the way Carlos concentrates on the task at hand.  


Arellano ticked all my boxes of what I personally was looking for in a salon/ stylist that I intend to keep coming back to for my hair care needs. The person needed to be: 


- an EXPERIENCED stylist yet not with a crazy high-end price tag - I don't care about a luxury salon, but I do want a high-quality luxury haircut;

- in a location possible for me to get there without a car (I live near Piedmont Ave);

- the right balance of hip and casual. I tend to be allergic to pretentious attitude. Wanted to find someone/ somewhere down to earth. I don't need the extras like champagne, beer, a library, a salon dog or anything besides the point of DAMN GOOD HAIR! 

- someone with great Yelp reviews (I trust the Yelposphere!)


At the end of the appointment, Carlos let me know the price and let me know that if I checked in on Yelp I'd get a discount, so the wash & cut ended up being $66 - an amazing price for such a luxury cut by a stylist with a lot of experience (over 2 decades). 


Personally I couldn't be happier and would recommend him if you are anything like me in what you want from a salon/ stylist! Thank you Carlos and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


  • Before Arellano got at my hair (ruined by another salon/inexperienced stylist) and AFTER - just one hour later my hair looked sleek + cute!


"I love my hair. Carlos is amazing. I just moved from Atlanta and was putting off getting my hair cut and colored. I finally realized I was desperate for some hair love. I called Carlos and he was able to get me in the same day. He listened to everything I wanted and came up with something better. I can't wait to go back!"
- Renee M

"I'm always sketched out when a not-frequently-reviewed place has a solid 5 stars. But Arellano deserves it."
- Rachel J

"Carlos is a true professional. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and offers sage advice about styling, flattering cuts, and hair care products. He also makes you feel like the center of the universe. My appointment was for 3:30pm; he was able to see me earlier and called to let me know about the opening. He took really great care of me once I arrived, offered advice before even picking up a scissors - down to the comb I use and when I condition - and tried out a number of products on my hair just so I could see the effects. I didn't feel rushed or pressured to buy anything. He loves what he does, cares about his customers, and it really shows. As long as I have hair that requires cutting, I'll be going back to Arellano."
- Lubna M

"I have been going to Carlos for almost 4 years now, and I can say... he is someone that I strongly look up to for advice and tips of hair, coloring and styling. Through out the years, Carlos has been the most adventures stylist that I have ever meet! When I decided to cut my locks, I swear, he was the only one to really encourage me and help me change up my style. When I decided to go Rihanna red (as my family and sisters say LOL) he gave me a red color that really accented my skin tone and features. His also helped me with coloring my clip in extensions (which he didn't have to, but he really took time out of his day to do so). It's just been great getting ideas from Carlos, and also when I used to work for him. he taught me a lot, about coloring and out of beauty school techniques that I still use! One thing I do wish more often then so, that he would have hired me to be a part or full time assent. I felt like I could have learned so much more with that type of hands on. Besides the point. he is awesome and amazing at what he does, and he really does listen to you when you have concerns or want something different to change up your everyday routine. what's also another big plus, is that he does not talk a lot like most stylist. LOL something I really appreciate, especially because I have had other stylist who just want to know everything about your personal life and never know how to respect those boundaries. he is very quick, efficient with his time, uses a good amount of product, and is a perfectionist (which is awesome!) I really love going to Carlos and have a wonderful experience every time!"
- Anonymous

"Hi Carlos, I just wanted to let you know that I saw five members of my family yesterday -- and every single one of them (from my 22-year-old niece to my 89-year-old father), independently and without any solicitation on my part, complimented my hair -- both the cut and the color. They loved it! That was a first in the history of my hair. They specifically commented on what a talented stylist you were, and wanted me to be sure to tell you that they loved what you did with my hair (which of course I would tell you without any prompting!). I, too, am happy with my hair now -- despite my initial insecurities at the time of my appointment. So, Carlos, thank you! I will see you in three to four weeks, when the color needs replenishing."
- Lauren

"Carlos is fantastic. Discusses what you want and what you'll actually do afterward with it, checks in with you as he cuts, and spends time teaching you how to put it up, etc afterward. Usually I find that hairstylists insist on putting product and blowdrys that I'll never do, and so it only looks good on the day I get it cut. Carlos took my caveats to heart; the cut is great and I'm still getting lots of complements on my new do by Carlos!"
- Susan L.

"Carlos Arellano is the answer to every woman's dream of the perfect hairstylist. An expert edge in color and working with all kind of hair. I had a Japanese straightening few months ago and I am uber happy with the results, I am looking forward to do the keratin treatment but only with Carlos,who works professionally with his clients and is devoted to creating the most current looks to suit your lifestyle. I highly recommend Arellano Salon, Carlos is not the common hairstylist... he is an Artist, period!"
- Anna V

"Carlos is a wonderful stylist. First, he does a thorough consult with you before he cuts your hair. You can bring pictures and he will make suggestions regarding face shape, texture, and maintenance. He has a keen eye for details and is very precise in his cutting technique. He suggested I move away from ash browns and into the golden browns and I'm much happier with my hair. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Ivy Moya

"I highly recommend Carlos' salon for anyone who cares about how s/he looks. Since moving to the EB about 3 years ago, I worked with 3 other stylist before I found Carlos. He understood my need to look professional, yet stylish, and he designed a cut for me that was stunning. Each time I my hair done at Arellano Salon, I get lots of compliments. His hours are flexible. His artwork is wonderful, helping to create a beautiful and relaxing ambiance. His staff is friendly, knowledgeable and creative. Everyone has excellent taste and suggestions. Arellano's has become my favorite salon in the bay area."
- Anne

"This man is a genius."
- Ivy

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Carlos. He simply does the best work I've ever had. I've had my hair cut in some swanky places in S.F. and even Beverly Hills, when I lived in L.A. and Carlos is the best and most consistent out of all of them. He does a very thorough consult by first studying your hair before asking what you want. He knows all hair textures (as I have three types) and what will work with various face shapes. He's the consummate professional. I referred him to one of my closest friends and he does a great job with blondes and the requisite multiple shades that they need. He's nothing short of amazing and worth every penny."
- Anna

"Carlos has been cutting and coloring my hair for several years, I have no words to describe how good he is performing his passion for styling hair. I highly recommend him, he listens very well all your needs and will make great suggestions to make you look and feel more than beautiful. He is very professional and friendly. I always enjoy the time I spend at his saloon, high quality products, nice music and excellent customer service."
- Anonymous

"Carlos I am very happy with my new haircut and highlights. Thanks!!!"
- Anonymous

"Guys if you really care about your hair, Carlos Arellano is the right guy for that!"
- Ashley

"Carlos has been coloring my hair for 7 or more years and cutting it for as long as I've known. I have tried a few other stylists for cuts, but Carlos is the only stylist I have continued and will continue to go back to. His coloring and highlight are awesome and he always does it in such a way that it grows out naturally unnoticeable, giving me up to 6 or so months before even having to go back. Not to mention I have and always get compliments on my cut and color. I keep referring them and I am happy! My hair looks great and I know I am an good hands every time I come back."
- Anonymous

"I've been going to Carlos for at least five years and probably longer. Every so often I drift away and try someone else, but I always return! He doesn't double-book and when you have an appointment with him he really concentrates on what he's doing -- his haircuts are flawless and he always has good ideas about cuts and about color. He's also always ready to listen if you have an idea, and to help you work through to end up with what you want. His salon is upbeat and visually beautiful with interesting artwork, a lot of it his own creations. If you try him you'll be glad you did!"
- Deborah Bullock

"I have been a client of Arellano Salon for most of the years Carlos has been in Rockridge. Once you find a stylist with the skills of Carlos, it is difficult to even consider going elsewhere. He always is willing to work you into his schedule at a moment's notice and is always on time. Most important, you walk out of his stylish salon with a hair cut that is ready to go-no grow out period is required. I cannot give higher praises to Carlos & Arellano Salon."
- David Berger