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Toccomagico Hair Color

Tocco Magico Haircolor-Rome, Italy

This process ensures a more even color application, deeper penetration of color pigments, and longer lasting shine and richness of color.


Tocco Magico has been servicing the Professional Hairdressing industry since the early 1900's. in Rome, Italy, From this point onward, extensive research and development went into every product that was made by Tocco Magico. Tocco Magico's products are formulated to address all the technical needs of hair colorist and stylists. To ensure optimum results,our technical products must also perform as a cosmetic to protect the natural structure of the hair and scalp. Today, we guarantee our products offer the highest quality under the most stringent quality control procedures. Tocco Magico has developed many trichological products, all designed for exclusively use within the cosmetology profession. When it comes to quality, what other hair colors still dream about, Tocco Magico has already brought into being. And our research continues...



As the first company to use herbal extracts in hair color, Tocco Magico manifests the deep commitment of its founder "Amulio Sarra" for protecting the integrity of hair and scalp. This innovative and renowned hair stylist strongly believed in safeguarding the natural structure of the hair and maintaining healthy scalp tissue during the use of chemicals. The 7 natural herbal extracts that are in Tocco Magico hair color products have been added to a natural vegetable coconut base, and carefully selected to provide specific hair and scalp benefits. All of these ingredients have been a part of Tocco Magico since its inception 80 years ago!



Tocco Magico also honors its responsibility to the environment. Our colors are self-cleansing, non-progressive, environmentally-friendly formulas that become a gentle lather as they return to nature. Tocco Magico was also the first manufacturer in Italy to install a water purification system at our facility in Rome. This method for protecting the environment was later mandated by the italian government as a system for all manufacturers to follow. From its inception, Tocco Magico has used only the finest ingredients while adhering to strict quality control measures. All materials entering our facility are tested in order to insure a 99% purity rating before they can become part of the manufacturing process. All of the colors at Tocco Magico are self-cleansing, non-progressive, environmentally-friendly formulas that become a gentle lather as they return to nature.



All of Tocco Magico's colors contain the following 7 herbal extracts to protect and enhance:

  • Alpine Yarrow to moisturuze
  • Birch to normalize & restore
  • Coltsfoot a soothing emollieent
  • Horsetail to increase elasticity
  • Nettle for shine
  • Rosemary to normalize the scalp
  • Sage to invigorate & soothe