Football Widow
A woman who must cope with the temporary death of her relationship during football games.

While there are tons of ladies that love football, there's also an enormous population that kind of hate it. That said, on Saturday and, if you're open on Sunday, football season can be a great time to run specials to attract the football widows. 

You can offer to sell membership cards to last throughout the season at either a buy in of say .00 - .00 or you can just give them away for free - you decide what's best.
Then, outline what they're entitled to with their membership.

• Pick 3 for : pedi, mani, blowout
• - Express facial, 50 min massage
• %15 off retail with chemical service 
• Bring a friend - receive a free treatment with chemical service
• 24/7 Highlights - 7 foils for .00 (add on each) 

Too, this is a terrific way to help your newer service providers gain new clients from the increased traffic and repeat business throughout the season. *Make sure they are pre-booking.

Make this your own however you like, be creative, and have fun! 

♥ Heather 


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