Facebook 101


Facebook is not a toy , it's a wickedly powerful marketing platform and the salons that recognize that rock and roll.

“Like our Facebook Page, like what we have to say, buy our stuff, book an appointment with us, Hey, we have some cool specials….Hey Hey…..we’re sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!”
Yawnnnnnnnnn……….and, um…..Nah, I’ll pass.

Constant postings of Gimme’ Gimme’ Gimme’ on your Salon’s Facebook Timeline with offers, deals, and appointment opportunities is not how to build an audience. 
It’s forceful, uninviting, and can not only make people stop visiting your Facebook Page….but turn them off to your business completely. 

You have to make people want to like you, want to hear what you have to say, and want to come to your page thus leading them to your business, to become your client, and buy your retail. 
It’s not magic, it’s marketing, and when executed properly, it translates into sales. 

Now hold on there just a hot minute, I’m NOT saying to NEVER include promotions. That would be silly. Definitely sprinkle in the right mixture of product and service related content, but build it in a way that engages your page visitor. 
Goes like this:
*70% Engagement
*20% Resourcefulness
*10% Solicitation 

I will preach and teach selling “Why?’ until I’m blue in the face, and for good reason. 

Our everyday is flooded with "what”. People know what you do; you’re a Hairdresser, or a Nail Technician, or a Massage Therapist, or an Esthetician or any number of other specialties.
But, people want to be inspired to follow, listen, and make buying decisions based on why you are the best choice. That simply doesn't come by selling and stating what you are, it has to come from a deeper reason of why people should choose you. 

Ever heard this: “People don’t like to be sold to-but they love to buy” (Jeffrey Gitomer)

Focus on selling why, don’t shove promotions, be engaging, make people want to hear you, want to see you, and want to come to YOUR Salon. 

Take advantage of the technology, create a marketing strategy, and hire a professional that knows the industry. That’s what will push the decimal to the right.

♥ Heather 


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