Just Book Them


Just Book Them….Don’t Ask… 

I took Frank and Oscar (my pups) to the groomer today to get the usual treatment: Bath, brush, toes trimmed and buffed.

When I went back to pick up the so fresh and so clean dachshund duo, the groomer didn't ask me if wanted to book their next appointment. She TOLD ME, and with absolute confidence, “I booked their next appointment for 4 weeks from now on May 24th at your preferred time of 10:00 a.m."

Didn't ask….TOLD me. 
What did I say? 
“OK, we’ll see you then.”                                                             

I have no idea what I am going to be doing on May 24th. 
It doesn't matter, if something comes up, I can reschedule it.

The main thing is I have to take them to the groomer….they do a great job and the dogs like them. I am on the book and they will work with me if I need to change it. They always confirm the appointment a few days out via call and email. 
They make it easy for me to continue being their client.

Just book your client….don’t ask. And nothing says you have to wait until the end of the appointment. Do it smack in the middle when they can look at their calendar while their color is processing. You can also take advantage of that time to suggest adding on a treatment or glossing service for their upcoming appointment. 
They're already in a good mood.....they're with you getting their hair done. BLISS 

Don’t wait until they are at the front paying and your next client is waiting. That’s when you need to be grabbing the retail for them to purchase.

Keep them coming back, keep them looking terrific, & keep your book full.

♥ Heather 

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