We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together


The relationship you have with your clients and the relationships your team members have with their clients is 100% and without question the most important aspect of your business. They come back because of YOU, because of their great experience, because you are “their person”.

By the same token, they can also NOT come back because of you or because of one, of or even worse, more than one of your team members. Who has experienced this?
Let me clarify this, I’m not talking about that crazy lady that came to your salon one time, complained about EVERYTHING, made a HUGE FUSS that nothing under the light of day would ever please …not her. She’s off in another universe of no one could ever please.

No, I’m talking about your core base of clients, the clients of the salon, and the good new clients you have the golden opportunity of making lifelong clients…those are the client relationships that have to be treated with supreme care.
You are the brand to them. They don’t want JUST A hairdresser JUST A nail tech JUST An esthetician or JUST A massage therapist. THEY WANT YOU. And they want you because of your relationship with them and your talent.

The man that cuts my grass…he was AMAZING! Tennessee summertime, with regular rain and hot blazing sun requires a regular grass cutting at the minimum once a week, sometimes twice. My guy, always did an excellent job; perfect cut, great trimming and very reliable. THE BEST EVER!!

SO, he always comes to do fall clean-up; leaves, dumps the flower pots, prunes what needs pruning etc. I call, he comes, all good…for the past 5 years. I’ve recommended him to several neighbors, told him how awesome he is, blab la bla. I even always leave he and his crew big 32oz PowerAde drinks in their favorite flavors along with a check as a token of my appreciation. And I tip him FAT at Christmas. FAT.
Are you with me? We were good.

I called in the fall for the regular service, no call back. I called again, no call back again. I text him. No return text. I waited and called again. This over a period of  2 weeks…..nothing. I finally called and left him a message stating that if he wasn’t going to do the yard anymore, just tell me because I need a solution. 4 DAYS LATER he called back to say he was planning on coming but didn’t say when.
Really? Planning on coming? Does that mean you’re coming or just planning on it?

I got a flyer on my mailbox yesterday from a different lawn company with an estimate to do my yard at .00 less than what I currently pay. So guess what? Now it’s about money because the relationship is gone. There is no “we’ll work it out” “give me another chance”. My yard, especially the back, has looked like 14 kinds of terrible awful for months. I love being outdoors and have had to deal with this HOT MESS all fall and now going into Spring. There are trees that can’t be pruned at this point if the temperature stays up. So….it’s over. I’m the client he won’t get back. No way.

The point is the same in the salon. You’ve got to take care of your clients always always always. When it gets to a point they look at price only, and the relationship is gone, they’re gone too. You can’t afford to let that happen. 
Again, I’m not talking about crazy lady ….I’m talking about the great folks that are counting on you.

Ensure your relationships are solid and spend time with your team mentoring to them about delivering exceptional customer service. 
Do your good work, stay the course, and believe in yourself that you can….because you can.

♥ Heather

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