Waxing & Relaxing

Professional In-Salon waxing services are one the fastest growing service categories in the beauty industry. Don’t believe me? Well, how about this, there are franchises popping up all across the country that are strictly wax only salons. Franchises. Further proof: waxingthecity.com lunchboxwax.com take a look.
The demand is real and now. It’s time to take advantage of this revenue generator in your salon now.

If you’re not providing this service, you may want to start. 
For those of you that provide a full waxing service menu, let’s kick it up. Create the buzz and educate your client. Look at your service menu…what’s on it? 
This is what I typically see:

Waxing Services: 
• Brow…$$
• Lip…$$
• Chin…$$
• Half Leg…$$
• Full Leg…$$
• Bikini…$$
• Brazillian…$$
• Blaaaaa……Blaaaaaa….Blaaa…….

How about this instead:
We are pleased to offer our guest a wide range of specific and individualized hair removal/ waxing services to fit every need. Our expertly trained and esteemed team will provide a thorough one to one consultation with you to help identify exactly what you are looking for and suggest the appropriate service to meet your needs. We look forward to meeting with you!

Waxing Menu of Services:

Brow Bar Services:
• Brow Makeover
• Brow Sculpting
• Brow Arch 

Then it goes on and on from there. You get it. The point is to promote the services you have in the salon that, if given a choice, your existing client will get those services from you in addition to whatever else they get. Because the deal is, they’re getting it somewhere, why not get it from you?

Ensure the service area is super clean; use good products you are educated in, and provide an exceptional service. That old wax pot that looks like it came over on the Mayflower that has 14 years of cooked on brown wax AIN’T GONNA’ GET IT! No Ma’am.
Make this a focus, grow your bookings, and make more money. If you are looking to grow this service, go to a class, and assemble your team.
Then market it properly. 

Then you’ll be waxing and relaxing! Good luck!
♥ Heather 

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