Corrective Color


Get your corrective color services ready girls and boys …..
You’re going to need them!!!


I just saw a commercial for terrible boxed hair color. It showed 3 models, all with super vibrant BRIGHT vivid color; Violet, Purple, and Indigo. So, all the crazy cool professional color formulation you, as artist create in the salon is being advertised as a super simple process anyone can do at home with AHhhh-MAZING results.

Hang on while I throw up real quick…..K, I’m back.

If I owned a salon, I would promote my corrective color services like so:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today at the salon for this emergency appointment I had to rework my book around to acknowledge and correct the fact you have made a horrible decision to color your hair, at home, by yourself, with no license and zero knowledge of color and now you look like a real hot mess. What on EARTH were you thinking?? Now, you get to spend half the day with me and about 0.00 or more depending on how badly you screwed it up so I can get you back to looking like something you can go out in public with, without wearing a hat. Stop crying, I can fix it.
It’s OK, we all make mistakes, just don’t EVER do it again.
You’re welcome.

I mean Gahhhhh!!!! Really?!?


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