So God Made a Hairdresser


So God Made a Hairdresser

by Heather R. Smith

And on the 8th day, God looked down upon his creation and said, I need a person with the hands of an artist and the heart of an angel that will openly and willingly share their gifts and give of their time to others so that they will feel their most beautiful self.
So God made a Hairdresser.

He chose meticulously because He knew the task and responsibility would be gifted to mothers, single mothers, dads, single dads, partners, men and women that would agree, without question, to work tirelessly, sacrifice time with their loved ones, work mostly standing for long hours and weekends with aching feet, hands, backs, joints and wrists, and create their own daily motivation as the task required is both physical and mental. Every day, All Day.
So God made a Hairdresser.

God said, I need a person that will rise early, miss breakfast, open the salon, create the inventory order, stock the retail, maintain their own clients, miss lunch, clean the salon, motivate the staff, motivate themselves, miss dinner, be Human Resource, pay all the bills, motivate their staff again, deal with every possible issue that arises, motivate themselves again, always and forever seek to grow, and stay educated on a regular basis with unwavering passion, drive, and dedication. Then, get up the next day and do it all over again.
So God made a Hairdresser.

He said, I need someone to dig deep and Make It Work with their talent and gifts to; correct disastrous hair color, smooth a little girl’s tight messy curl so her peers won’t tease her at school, and fit cancer patients with wigs so they can feel pretty and normal again.
So God made a Hairdresser.

God said, I need someone willing to share their lives with strangers that become clients, and clients that become friends up until the day they pass, and then make them beautiful on their final day of rest.
So God made a Hairdresser

He needed someone, that would, at the end of a day, that isn't a 9-5, look back at the gifts they've been given, and feel satisfaction and joy for all they created with their hands and heart looking onward to the next with an eagerness to create more, give more, and share more the next day.
So God made a Hairdresser 


Grow Sales This Fall



Here they are! From cosmetics to accessories, clothing to home décor, and everything in between; this season’s color palette is super trendy and in high demand.

Here’s where you come in as the expert:

Your clients' will be wearing these colors so be ready to help them figure it out.

Get to know the palette now so you're prepared in suggesting to existing and new clients’ the best possible shade(s) of hair color and cosmetics that:

  • Optimally compliment their skin tone
  • Creates their best look
  • Increases your new color clients
  • Boosts make-up and hair color care retail sales

Think in multiples:

  • Multiple dimensions and shades of color – Higher Ticket
  • Cheek, Lip, Eye- 3 or more pieces of make-up retail
  • Color Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler – Get the look

Do Good!

♥ Heather


Sell Why


Always sell "Why", not "What"
• Know your products / services inside and out• Identify the problem(s)
• Discuss why the problem(s) exist
• Educate the client on how to solve the problem(s)
• Tell them what they can expect their results to be
• Give your recommendation 
• Let the client decide if the benefits outweigh the cost

Solution based sales + your expertise = happy repeat clients & increased revenues. 




Question: what happens if you book an airline ticket and then don't show up for the flight? Does the airline call you and say: 
“Hey sugar, see you didn’t make the flight, that’s OK, we'll just refund you, hit us back up when you're ready to travel again Buh-bye.” 

NO. They take your money. Why? Because that seat has value – if you don’t show up, they’re still charging you. Their reservations aren’t made on a maybe, they’re made in iron clad, credit card charging, you’ll be here or else; and if you’re not…..You will STILL be charged. Without Question. They have your Credit Card Number. It was charged at booking. 

So, what about you? Your salary is determined by what’s on the book. There are unforeseen understandable circumstances with client, yes. But what about NO SHOW, NO CALL, NO NOTHIN’ ? 
That's YOUR CHAIR, that's your money.

STORY: Throwing a shower at my house at the end of August. Called the party rental place to get 2 drink dispensers - Guess what they require? - A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Why? If I don’t show, they could have rented it to someone else. If I don’t show they lose money, they can’t and don’t take that risk. They still lose money if I don’t show - BUT, some money is always better than no money. You can't do NOTHIN’ with no money. 

Back to YOU: GREAT clients, no question. Existing hit or miss and new clients, think about getting a deposit for 25% or 50% or 100%.....whatever.
Think about how your days and pocketbook have been KILLED by no-shows….that’ll get it.
Your time, as a professional, is so very precious. Take the money up front. It is the norm. Our world expects it. Your time is worth it.
Believe in you, I do. 
♥ Heather 





What is it?
A mobile app used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings.

What's different about it?
The messages sent disappear from the recipient’s phone after a few second. 

What's the cost?
It’s free to download the app and free to send messages 

How can I use it for my business?
#1: New product launches
#2: Contests & SnapSales
#3: Show your team in action behind the chair

Happy Snapping!


Trick or Treatment


Print this and use if you'd like - 
Here's Some ideas for how:

• Fill in value (duhhhh!) 

• EXISTING GUEST:Give to some or all all existing guest in August &/OR September. They get it when they pre-book their chemical service(s) appointment for October. 

• NEW GUEST PRE-BOOK: Give to NEW August &/OR September guest with extra special value. They get it when they pre-book their chemical service(s) appointment for October.

•STAND ALONE FOR RISING TALENT: Use as a stand alone promotion for new guest with you &/OR your rising talent. Use with or without additional service(s) at a special value. 

• SELL IN BUNDLES: sell 3 ,6 ,9, or 12 at a special value for new guest or existing clients to purchase and gift to friends and family. Maybe if they purchase 12, they get (1) free. 

Make it your own and have fun with it. Good Luck!


The Price Is The Price


Ever had this sitting in your chair? I mean, seriously? Standing firm on your prices and also making sure you are increasing prices over time is so very important for a ton of reasons; but the most obvious is so you can be financially stable and hopefully save for retirement. 

Let’s face it; most of us probably won’t want to still be out there hustling when we've reached our golden years. I talk to lots and lots of stylist who need to raise prices but haven’t out of fear they will lose clients. Look: you can't be all things to all people. Your target market will pay what the marketplace has proved it will pay.

Morton’s Steakhouse in Nashville does NOT lower their prices on Filet to match prices with the Logan’s Steak House Filet. This isn’t a strike against Logan’s, it’s good. But the point is this: both restaurants offer many of the same steaks….but they play to their market and market toward the type clientele they wish to attract.

Logan’s is a casual laid back atmosphere, peanut shells on the floor, and servers in t-shirts and jeans. Morton’s is white tablecloth, with servers in tuxedo shirts, dress pants, and 200 wines on the menu. Morton’s isn’t just selling steaks and wine, they're selling an experience. 

So, back to the beginning, you wouldn’t go to Morton’s and ask, “I'm only going to eat half of my steak, can I just pay for half of it?” Of course not, that’s beyond ridiculous. 

Don't compromise, your prices are non-negotiable. You’re a professional – charge what your worth. Focus in on the kind of great clients you want on your book, and cater your service menu to them. 

Sell the experience – not just the service. You deserve the best! 

♥ Heather 


Facebook 101


Facebook is not a toy , it's a wickedly powerful marketing platform and the salons that recognize that rock and roll.

“Like our Facebook Page, like what we have to say, buy our stuff, book an appointment with us, Hey, we have some cool specials….Hey Hey…..we’re sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!”
Yawnnnnnnnnn……….and, um…..Nah, I’ll pass.

Constant postings of Gimme’ Gimme’ Gimme’ on your Salon’s Facebook Timeline with offers, deals, and appointment opportunities is not how to build an audience. 
It’s forceful, uninviting, and can not only make people stop visiting your Facebook Page….but turn them off to your business completely. 

You have to make people want to like you, want to hear what you have to say, and want to come to your page thus leading them to your business, to become your client, and buy your retail. 
It’s not magic, it’s marketing, and when executed properly, it translates into sales. 

Now hold on there just a hot minute, I’m NOT saying to NEVER include promotions. That would be silly. Definitely sprinkle in the right mixture of product and service related content, but build it in a way that engages your page visitor. 
Goes like this:
*70% Engagement
*20% Resourcefulness
*10% Solicitation 

I will preach and teach selling “Why?’ until I’m blue in the face, and for good reason. 

Our everyday is flooded with "what”. People know what you do; you’re a Hairdresser, or a Nail Technician, or a Massage Therapist, or an Esthetician or any number of other specialties.
But, people want to be inspired to follow, listen, and make buying decisions based on why you are the best choice. That simply doesn't come by selling and stating what you are, it has to come from a deeper reason of why people should choose you. 

Ever heard this: “People don’t like to be sold to-but they love to buy” (Jeffrey Gitomer)

Focus on selling why, don’t shove promotions, be engaging, make people want to hear you, want to see you, and want to come to YOUR Salon. 

Take advantage of the technology, create a marketing strategy, and hire a professional that knows the industry. That’s what will push the decimal to the right.

♥ Heather 


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