Everything we do revolves around growing businesses by developing solid partnerships with Individual Beauty Industry Service Providers and Business Owners. We believe for our organization to successfully grasp the unique demands of the industry we operate in, we must constantly immerse ourselves in their environment, listen attentively, and never cease to grow. We believe that together, what we learn from the industry we operate within combined with our thorough understanding, expertise, and practical application of effective up-to-the-minute technology; we can positively impact and elevate the entire industry one business and one service provider at a time.

StyleNet is the beauty industry's premier source for powerful, SEO-friendly websites. We provide an easy format for clients who want to access and change their web sites. A StyleNet website can be edited quickly, and as often as you like! Often, businesses pay thousands of dollars to have a website created, only to learn that each time they want updates they'll have to pay an outrageous fee each time. In addition, many web designers are only focused on the beauty of a website, and they overlook Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so the site doesn't show up in the top search results. At StyleNet, we understand the importance of fresh content and SEO on your website. With a StyleNet website, you can make changes any time! Our sites are built for search engines and have features that you need including: Online gift certificate sales, easy contact pages with a link to directions, and many others. Because we understand the industry, we understand that beauty professionals need a specific type of website: one that draws new customers, and lets your existing clients know of every service you offer to maximize your sales potential.