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  Skin Care  
  Signature Facial      
  After a consultation & analysis our
skincare professional will determine
the exact treatment facial most
beneficial to yourneeds. It includes
cleansing & exfoliation with a
relaxing hand & foot massage.
   Series of 3 - $204
  Clinical Facial       
  A prescriptive facial customized for
your needs.
   Series of 3 - $145
  Petite Facial      
  A no frills with all of the skin care
benefits, a sampling of our Signature
  Jessner Peel   $80  
  Timeless Peel   $55  
  This treatment removes the thin top
layer of dead skin cells & fine vellus
hair through gentle scraping of the face
with a special blade. This resurfacing
allows the smooth underlying area
of clear, undamaged skin to emerge
and prevents dead skin buildup that
can make small facial wrinkles and acne
scars appear larger.
  Our microdermarasion machine is a
revolutionary state of the art design
breakthrough that directs a stream of
crystal particles across the skin and
vacuums up most particles and
exfoliated skin. It leaves the skin clean,
stimulated, healthier and glowing.
     $80 Single Service
   $35 Add-On
  Micro Current Lifting Facial
  As we age our muscles become lazy.
Our Micro Current Lifting Treatment uses a series
of micro-currents to exercise those facial
musclesand tones them for a more
youthful appearance. Results are immediate
and will improve with a series of treatments.

   Series of 3 - $216
  Eye or Neck Micro Current Lifting Treatment
  These treatments give more attention to
just eye or neck area.
   Series of 3 - $135
  Oxygen Facial      
  This facial allows the skin to absorb serums
on a deeper level, making the benefits 100%
more effective, immediately revitalizing your
skin and hiding imperfections. Accompanied by natural LED light therapy, collagen production is triggered for anti-aging and hydration. This treatment is excellent for acne, dry or dehydrated skin, and age spots.
  Oxygen Infusion Add-On to any facial   $25  
  Oxygen Infusion with Light Therapy   $65  
  Ultimate Acne Treatment   $70  
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