Texture & Smoothing

Quality texturing services and products for beautiful hair.
We offer a wide variety of texture wraps to give you
versatility in styling.
Perm w/ Style $110+
Perm w/ Cut $130+
Heat Smoothing (Japanese Straightening)   
With this process, thehair is extremely straight and
reamins straight for months. If you want silky straight
hair in great condition, this is the service for you.
(Consultation is preferred to accurately price this
service and to check the hairs condition).
Cold Smoothing  
This is a servce to tame bushy, curly hair into silkier,
more easily managed hair. We use a product that
leaves some of the texture in the hair, but kit is much
easier to work with. (Consultation is preferred to
accurately price this service and to check the hairs
Beach Wave  
A service designed to give you a "just from the beach"
look that is casual, loose, and fun and created by
using the latest tools and techniques.
(depending on
length of hair)
*Style not
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a
formaldehyde-free service that takes 100% of the
frizz & 25-50% of the curl from the hair. If you are
constantly fighting frizz & uncontrollable hair, this
will change it all! A consultation will help us give
you the amount of time needed & price. (This
service requires that you NOT shampoo for 4 days,
pin the hair back or put it in a ponytail) The
treatment bonds liquid keratin to the hair and repairs
as well as smooths and lasts up to 16 weeks.
Consultation necessary.
Keratin Smoothing Treatment (consultation req.)  
Includes an 8 oz. shampoo and conditioner to help
extend the benefits of the Keratin Treatment
$250 - $300
Mini Keratin Treatment (consultation req.)  
This treatment can be performed immediately after
a color to seal the color and smooth the hair
$100 - $130
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