Bridal Tips

For Special Occasion Hair 

  • Remember to wear a button down shirt to the salon that day. 
  • Please be on time. If your wedding is a Saturday as are most, the salon has a full day of clients to service. 
  • Determine your time of appointment by talking to the stylist about the time you need to be walking out the door. Think about the photographer’s schedule or extra time for make-up and getting dressed. 
  • Please bring all pre determined hair accessories to the salon with you that day. 
  • Let the stylist know if your veil or headpiece is coming off or staying on all day. 
  • For best results, please have your hair already shampooed and blow dried prior to your up-do service
  • Unless otherwise noted, hair should be dry but not necessarily styled and without product unless specified. 
  • If you have others getting their hair done with you, please make sure they are all prepared for the start time as some styles may take less time than others to keep the flow of appointments running smooth and on time, also remind them about their shirt, and clean, dry hair. 
  • If a consultation has not taken place please bring pictures with you and be prepared to discuss with your stylist your goals.
  • Make sure to call the salon if there are any changes. 
  • Do not be afraid to be open to suggestions, remember we do this often, and can make recommendations on workable styles for certain hairpieces, themes, or hair types. 

Most importantly, relax and have a great day or evening. We appreciate your business and we are honored to be part of your special occasion.