Redken Color Camo for Men

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  Tired of the gray?
Do something about it! Our Birmingham hair salon has various hair color options
for covering gray. Our Redken Color Camo hair color service is perfect for men
who want to blend away a little gray...or a lot. You're just 10 minutes away from
increased coverage and a younger look! Color Camo is fast, easy and discreet:

  • Reveal younger-looking haircolor in only 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Customize how much gray you want to blend.
  • Applied quickly and easily right in the shampoo area.
  • Leaves hair with natural-looking results that fade gradually.

Redken Color Camo FAQs
What can I expect as my hair grows out?
Camo will gradually fade over time. You won't see any major difference or off
color results. It's a formula designed specifically for men.

How much gray will it cover?
Camo doesn't cover the gray completely; it just reduces the amount of gray in a
very believable way. You'll see more "pepper" among the salt and pepper.

Will it damage my hair?
Like all Redken For Men products, Camo contains ingredients that actually
improve the condition of hair such as protein for strength and quinoa oil for a
healthy, beautiful shine.
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