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SB stylist & co-owner since 1993
"Katrina has been my stylist for some time now.
I really have to say this is the first time
a stylist has had me for a client such a long
period of time.  Primarily due to me being
so particular!  That said, she is very good
at what she does. Katrina is creative and
always making sure she shakes it up to
provide the best look for me.” - Sherry H.

SB stylist & co-owner since 1993
“I can’t even begin to explain how happy
I am with my hair. Mary; I realize you must hear
this alot but it truly does make a differnce in
self-confidence, especiallly in the workplace,
sourrounded by much younger women.”  - Laurie D.

SB stylist since 1996
"I have searched my whole life to find someone
who would understand my thick, coarse, wavy,
uncontrollable (I thought) hair.  I found that person in
Amy.  I have consistently asked Amy to do whatever
she wants, and theresults are always fabulous! 
We have done everything from straightening
shoulder length hair to a very short do, and it
always looks great. Additionally, she has patiently
styled my now teenaged son's hair, and
gently changed his plans to make an attractive
haircut!” - Jen R.

SB stylist since 2008
“My daughters and I are lucky to have Analicia as
our hair care professional. My girls grew up with
Analicia as their stylist and now, even having left
the state, they still won’t let anyone else touch
their hair! A trip home always includes a visit to
Salon Blue. Additionally, I too am very lucky!
Analicia always takes great care of me, making
sure my hair is updated, healthy and fresh.” - Debbie F.
SB stylist since 2012
“After salon hopping for 14 years (since moving
to Chicago) trying to find the right, I was referred
to Jennifer at Salon Blue. I went from a dime a
dozen dark red hair to the most *wow* shade
of orangey red that totally fits my personality.
People literally stop me on the street to compliment
me! Needless to say, it has truly been happily ever
after. She takes my hair dreams and makes them
reality, approaching my hair like an artist sees a
canvas. Brilliant!  To top it off, when I visit Jen,
feel like I am spending two hours with my bff,
stylist and life coach all in one tiny package!!”
SB stylist since 2015
“I had been going to the same hair stylist
for nearly ten years, so when she stopped
doing hair I was really nervous about going
to someone new, but she referred me to
Sergio and he was great! He touched up my
highlights (which needed a ton of work) and
gave me a cute haircut that I've gotten a ton
of compliments on! I am very happy and will be
back." - Ellen K.
SB esthetician since 2015
“I've have been a loyal client of Salon Blue since 2008,
for one clear reason... It's the fact that their tag line
(Beauty=Confidence=Power) is not just something they
use for marketing purposes, but it is embodied in the
women who work there who naturally inspire their clients
to find their inner and outer glow. Every experience I have
there reminds me that it's important to put time (and money)
into taking care of myself and to do so in a salon/spa that
values each and every person for being their unique and
special self. Plus, they have amazing specials on the spa
treatments and frequent buyer cards for products. Every
person in Chicago should check out this place to rejuvenate
and cherish themselves."

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