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At Kelly's Salon, hairdressing is all about the  client. We strive to attract customers who expect the best hair care possible and our staff delivers. Our stylist perform the latest techniques and services in a luxurious, professional environment.

 In order to maximize the clients experience, the stylist at Kelly's believe that a good work ethic, dedication, and continuing education are essential to a successful collaboration between client and stylist. Consistency is critical. Our stylist are on time ,prepared,discreet and courtious. They will deliver what the client request, no exceptions.

At Kelly's Salon we are at the top of our game. We have implemented an assisting program so that a stylist just out of school never stops learning. We believe education must be a lifelong pursuit and a stylist who stops learning, inadvertently stops improving. Continuing to improve as an artist is what drives true professionals.

Our master stylist are among the best in the south east. They have compiled an impressive amount of expereince over the years. Our color  expert is passionate about the art of color and has specialized in the technical science of color, exclusively, for for over fifteen years.

Our Jr. stylist are up and coming talent. They have completed thier education and training at reputable cosmetology schools and have entered into an assisting program at Kelly's. Going through an assisting program is critical for a stylist future. The biggest mistake many young hairdressers make is going striaght from cosmetology school to taking clients as a practicing stylist or colorist, with no real supervision or further training. Its a dangerours prosition for both the professional and the client. You would request the service of a Jr. stylist if the price of a salon serivices are of concern to you, but you still want to enjoy a high-end salon experence.

While perfection can never be achieved by any stylist , at Kelly's we remain the hardest critics of our work and we are not afraid to be inventive, try something new , or learn new techniques. Being professionally adventurous is what makes our business fun.