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Jacquelyn is a certified Hair Loss Specialist.


The latest Fashion trend is Toppers!


So real no one will ever know!
What is a topper? It seems like an odd word but a topper is simply a popularized phrase for a woman's hairpiece that is placed at the "top" of the head. This is most commonly used to cover hair loss in the crown area, when a woman have hair otherwise. The topper conceals the thinning, with the hair falling down, over the biological hair, to create a seamless look.

We have many sizes and styles to choose from.  Hair loss is not a one size fits all kind of problem.  Women make up 40% of the hair loss population.

Jacquelyn volunteers at the American Cancer Society, Free Wig Fitting Program in South Sacramento.

AT JACQUELYN'S we carry only the finest in wig lines including Raquel Welch and Gabor and Henry Margu.  Hairdo extensions, bangs, ponytails etc. Head scarves and hatsis the latest styles.

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(If your head needs shaving STOP!  Jackie will do it for you the right way for free and in the privacy of our salon!)