Elk Grove Hair and Nail Salon insists on no recirculating pumps in our pedicure stations.  

This specialized Elk Grove Nail and Hair Salon only uses disposable liners with all pedicure services.

 We at Jacquelyn’s sought when we originally opened in 2008 to ensure only safe and sanitary pedicures, minimizing health concerns and bringing back the pleasure of a relaxing salon visit.   First and foremost there will never be recirculating pumps in our salon!   We only use disposable liners for all pedicure services, thus limiting the chance of spreading bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.  It's one time use makes our clients feel secure about getting the most sanitary and safe pedicure available today.

Millions of women and Men visit nail salons regularly to have their nails done. Unfortunately, occasionally the result of having manicures or pedicures is developing nail fungus or bacterial infections that can not only look bad, but also may also feel even worse. A few simple steps before your next salon service can significantly lower your risk of developing a painful nail infection or fungus, or worse, a more serious disease.

·       Check out the salon for cleanliness and safety precautions.

Don't be afraid to ask for a quick tour if you are considering a new salon, or asking the owner or manager of your current salon what steps they take to ensure safety. And take a look around. Does the salon look clean and sanitary? Is the trash container by the manicure station properly bagged and covered? Is the floor clean? Are the manicure tables kept neat and tidy? Is there good light? Look at the disinfectant containers and make sure that they are clear, clean, and free of debris. Next, check the station where your service will take place. Ask if all instruments are cleaned and disinfected after each use, and if you need proof, have the technician show you the cleaning area or solution. Does he or she use fresh, clean instruments on each client? Make sure all files, buffers, and anything else that touches you is freshly clean before you allow the technician to begin. Also, the technician should wash his or her hands before and after each client, or wear fresh gloves. Clean towels should be used for every client.

·       Avoid having your cuticles cut.

 Cuticles serve a purpose -- they protect the nail bed from allowing infection to enter. If you like how your nails look with them pushed back, ask for cuticle softener, rather than cuticle scissors. After the cuticles are softened, the technician can wipe away, or gently scrape away, the excess with a fresh orangewood stick.

Some clients want their cuticles cut and that is done at their request.


·       Don’t Shave Beforehand

Embarrassed about making the pedicurist  touch your hairy legs? For health’s sake, you’ll need to get over it. Don’t shave your legs up to 24 hours before your pedi. If you make even the tiniest nick or cut on your leg with a razor, bacteria can enter the opening and cause infection. If you have a cut, wait until it heals before scheduling an appointment.

·       Look For Licenses

Salon technicians need to be licensed by the state governing board before practicing cosmetology. To be sure that your pedicurist knows what she’s doing, look to see that her license is clearly displayed in the salon.  If photo is on license make sure photo matches your manicurist.

·       Not Too Short

No, long toenails are neither attractive nor comfortable. But getting your nails cut too short can lead to infection or ingrown toenails. Ask your pedicurist to just file your nails down to the length you’d like. And if your nails really need a trim, make sure you make it clear that “just a trim” is all you need!

·       Smooth Down Properly

A standard salon pedicure usually includes scrubbing off calluses and removing dead skin. This procedure is safe as long as it is done with a pumice stone or a foot file, not a razor-type instrument. This sharp tool can remove too much skin on your foot, which can lead to damaged skin or infection.  "Credo" blades (tools fitted with razor blades), "cheese grater" type instruments, or scalpel­type blades to remove dead skin or shave calluses during pedicures are illegal to use in California.


Now you are an informed client and can safely enjoy a pedicure where  ever you choose to go!


For “Safe and Sanitary Pedicures” call for an appointment: 

Lena (916) 753-0590 or Kat (916) 267-1276 or

Chrissy (916) 862-4843

for the best and safest pedicure in Elk Grove.