Massage & Body Treatments

At Indigo Salon Spa & Boutique, your health, relaxation, and well being is our highest priority. Our massage therapists are top of the industry, nationally certified who are highly skilled and well versed in applied knowledge of many different modalities to best serve our guests, assess their needs and provide relief for whatever ails you. Our massage treatments offer a multitude of therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. Begin your journey toward wellness, and discover what massage therapy can do for you. Schedule an appointment today.


Indigo's Signature Peppermint Hot Rock Massage
Warm lava rocks are used to massage and are also placed on the body to relax tense muscles. The
combination of heat and pressure helps penetrate deep into the muscle tissues. Indigo's own blend of
peppermint essential oils are incorporated to relax and cool any inflammation.

Customized Massage
A massage personalized to fit your body's needs based on a one on one consultation with your therapist.

Prenatal Massage
Using a special pillow, the mom to be can lie face-down to receive a massage especially designed for her.
Side lying position also available upon request. *Performed only in the second and third trimester.
Sessions    Level 1    Level 2    Level 3
30  - Minute   $51   $56   $61
60  - Minute   $76   $81   $86
75  - Minute   $91   $96   $101
90 - Minute   $106   $111   $116
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep pressure releases specific muscle tension and restores flexibility. This technique is used to release
chronic tension possibly caused by stress, injury or overuse. Warm compresses on the back and feet are
Sessions   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
30  - Minute   $46   $51   $56
60  - Minute   $71   $76   $81
75  - Minute   $86   $91   $96
90 - Minute   $101   $106   $111
Cranial-Sacal Therapy
Stimulate your body's powers of self-healing with this light, non-invasive treatment. While remaining
fully clothed, the therapist gently manipulates the rhythm of your cranio-sacral system, from your head
to the tip of your spine, relieving sinus tension that can result in symptoms such as headaches, TMJ, sinus
and carpel-tunnel. This is a specialty service and is only provided by our 2 certified cranial therapists.
Sessions   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
30  - Minute   $51   $56   $61
60  - Minute   $76   $81   $86
75  - Minute   $91   $96   $101
90 - Minute   $106   $111   $116
Relaxation Massage
A traditional Swedish massage with the Indigo touch, complete with warm compresses on the back and
Sessions   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
30  - Minute   $41   $46   $51
60  - Minute   $66   $71   $76
75  - Minute   $81   $86   $91
90 - Minute   $96   $101   $106
Peppermint Hot Rock and Customized Massages: Additional $10, per level of therapist. This
massage is a guest favorite and our most popular massage.

Dual/Couples Massage: available for additional $5 per person, per level of therapist. Two massages
of choice, two therapists in one suite with two tables.

Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massages: Additional $5 per person, per level of therapist.
Rejuvenating Aromatherapy   $5        
Customized blends of essential oils are used to calm body and mind.            
Invigorating Reflexology   $5        
Your therapist will focus on "reflex" areas on the feet and hands that
correct specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body.
Advanced Scalp Massage   $5        
Different massage movements are used on the scalp to ease away
stiffness and stress in this relaxing treatment.



Your escape begins here...all body treatments will be performed with our steam canopy spa. Your
technician will enhance your body treatment experience by providing you with the health benefits
associated with a steam sauna, without actually having to be in one. These benefit  circulation, reduced
inflammation, and relief from allergies and asthma. Aside from health benefits the steam canopy spa also
serves as a beauty aid with benefits such as detoxification and rejuvenated healthy glowing skin.

Clients can lie comfortably on a soft massage table and have complete privacy under the steam canopy.
Our system also allows the client to conveniently stay on the massage table, listen to the soft music and
feel the warmth of the steam, while being pampered from head to toe.
Elements Body Polish (60 min.)    Level 1    Level 2    Level 3
Embrace your inner peace while your technician revitalizes your skin
with individualized essential oil blends. Breath in the aromatherapy
of the essential oil blends and allow your body to relax in the warmth
of the steam canopy spa. This treatment stimulates circulation,
exfoliates and refreshes the skin while relaxing the body and soul.
  $75   $80   $85
Earthen Mud Treatment (60 min.)   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
Energize and nourish your soul with a full body aromatic oil that will
soothe and stimulate your senses. As you calm and revitalize your
spirit, you will be cocooned in the warm steam canopy spa as the
mud absorbs deep in your skin. Lay back and enjoy the experience
of a lifetime.
  $85   $90   $95