Hair Extensions

Great hair can change your life. 

Nothing gives you "I'm ready to take on the world" confidence like hair that looks absolutely amazing.  That is why we're particularly excited about our SoCap hair extensions.  These world-renowned, superior quality SHE by SoCap Hair Extensions can give you the luxurious locks of a supermodel in just one salon appointment.

What makes SoCap different?

Imported from Italy, SHE by SoCap hair extensions are created from remy human hair, the most sought after hair in the world.  Remy quality guarantees that the texture of every strand matches perfectly with every other strand.  This is crucial for a natural feel and perfect blending with your own natural hair.

Not only is SoCap hair quality unparalleled, the attachment process is incredibly gentle and comfortable.  Our certified stylists use a special application method to attach the keratin tips on the ends of the extensions to your natural hair in a way that makes the point of attachment invisible.  No one will ever know that your extensions are not your own hair except you and your stylist.

These luxury extensions are available in over 91 different color choices, many lengths, and 3 different textures (straight, wavy and curly). No other brand offers more beautiful options for enhancing your hair’s volume, length, color, texture and so much more.  



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