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Body Treatments

Pressotherapy Slimming Detoxifying System

During Pressotherapy, a patient will wear a specialized suit that serves as a compression system. This can help filter toxins and metabolic wastes into the circulatory system and out of the body quicker than usual.

Europa Bliss

This all over body treatment stimulates and rejuvenates the skin to remove underlying toxins while nourishing the body. The Europa Bliss starts with an Emu oil steam bath followed by a blend of sugar and essential oils to exfoliate and soften the body. Creating this perfect bliss makes ready for your one hour full body massage.

Ultra Detox

A great way of providing nourishment to the body and removing impurities. The Ultra Detox starts with an Emu oil steam bath to open the pours and loosen the dead skin. Following the steam bath an application of Ayurvedic, Seaweed, Detoxifying, or Hydrating mud is applied to the entire body sealed in a warm wrap. A blend of sugar and oils creates the finishing polish to your skin.

Body Exfoliate

Body Exfoliate with Sugar and Oils Only - No other services included.

Allergy & Cold Relief

Relieve sinus and chest congestion with an herbal steam bath followed by a relaxing one hour full body massage.


Steam with Emu Oil - No other services included.

Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed Wrap - No other services included.


Massage & Body Services

Mud Wrap

60 Min Couples Massage

30 Min Swedish Massage

60 Min Swedish Massage

90 Min Swedish Massage

120 Min Swedish Massage

30 Min Deep Tissue Massage

60 Min Deep Tissue Massage

90 Min Deep Tissue Massage

60 Min Pre-Natal Massage

Add SteamyWonder with massage

Additional with purchase of massage only.

SteamyWonder Only

SteamyWonder Steam with Emu Oil and no other services.

Add Body Exfoliate with massage

Additional with purchase of massage only.

Body Exfoliate Only

Body Exfoliate with Sugar and Oils with no other services


Spa Packages

Spa Package #1

One Hour Full Body Massage, Emu Oil Steam Bath, Body Polish/Exfoliate.

Spa Package #2

One hour Full Body Massage and body polish "Sugar Scrub"

Spa Package #3

One hour Full Body Massage + Image Essential Facial With Oxygen

Spa Package #4

One hour Full Body Massage + Emu Oil Steam Bath Body Polish/Exfoliate + Essential Facial + Relaxing Mani/Pedi

Spa Package #5

One hour Full Body Massage + Emu Oil Steam & Body Polish/Exfoliate + Seaweed Wrap + Essential Facial + Relaxing Mani/Pedi


Personalized Skin Care

Essential Facial

Cleanse your pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and grim, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier, smoother and brighter.

Relaxing Ormedic Facial

This facial is formulated for all skin types to balance, restore and deliver health.

Acne Clear Treatment

This facial treatment will help to clear up the skin without over drying or irritating. Exfoliate and reduce redness. 60mins. We recommend a minimum series of 3 treatment.

Essential Ageless Facial

We can address concerns ranging from aging to dryness & sensitivity. Your 60 min treatment will include stress relief with customized facial massage techniques for your needs.

Executive O2 Lift Facial

This facial is for who knows the necessity of proper skin care for today and tomorrow. The benefits include illuminate, oxygenate skin and less visible fine lines.

Skin Resurfacing Facial Treatment

Our innovative alternative to Hydro Microdermabrasion or Hydro-Facial for people with sensitive skin. The results are increase radiance with less irritation than Microdermabrasion. Our hands on approach smoothest skin texture, reduces the appearance of the fine lines and diminishes pore size while significantly increasing radiance. 60 - 90 Minutes


Wax Hair Removal

Wax Hair Removal



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